Pratap Singh Rathod, an entrepreneur and content creator runs a highly successful fantasy cricket analysis channel- “Fantasy Prediction for Free”. The channel has over 3 Lakh subscribers and has been viewed more than 70 lakh times.
Rathod does fantasy cricket predictions and team analysis, cricket updates, and match previews. He is popular within the niche of fantasy cricket for his expert takes and ingenious ideas and advices.
To get to know more the fantasy cricket phenomenon and Pratap Singh’s relation with it, we reached out to him and fortunately he agreed to sit down with us for an interview.
Find excerpts from our conversation with him below –
Q: You’ve gained a massive following on YouTube and your work is highly praised. Do you ever look at your success and feel overwhelmed by it?
PSR: Yes, it does feel humbling, some might find it ironical that I look at how far I come and I get humbled but the thing is I never expected Fantasy Prediction for Free to grow as much as it did, I have always been focused on putting out the best possible content. All that I have gained is because of my work and that does feel grounding that so many people can recognise my work’s value and can benefit from it. Almost everyday I get messages that after finding my channel they were able to polish up their fantasy cricket skills and they won so and so thing- it fills up my heart to see the impact of my hard work.
Q: That is quite insightful. You have certainly worked hard to reach where you are, but do other aspects come into play when talking about success?
PSR: Yes, there are things other than hard work that should be given attention to. Firstly, you need to be passionate about what you do, you can be a diligent worker but that’s fruitless if you are not passionate. Cricket has and always will be close to my heart. And since all my content and work is centred around cricket all my efforts and ideas flow naturally and that draws people in.
Q: If you could give one advice to your followers and other young people out there, what would you say?
PSR: Well, I do have some ideas and my advice isn’t about cricket (chuckles). I just want to urge everyone to be true to themselves- you know who you are and what you want to do. Don’t ever deviate from that, it might be hard sometimes but straying away from yourself won’t be good for anyone. Your heart and mind will always be in a conflict and that just leads to a place of pain. Be yourself and believe in yourself.


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