When the Supreme Court was deciding the fate of the nonsensical practice of Triple Talaq, they also had 2 other issues on hand to deal with.

Those being of Nikah Halala and the rampant polygamy that exists in the Islamic culture. At that time, SC chose to just focus on the Triple Talaq issue and pushed the other two aside to be dealt with later.

Now, however, a 5 judge Constitution Bench has decided to take a closer look at the validity of the practices of polygamy, nikah halala, nikah mutah and nikah misyar seen in the Muslim community in our constitution.

The bench reached a conclusion to do so after repeated petitions and complaints that argue how these practices subjugate women to a lower position than men and make them vulnerable.

One of the petitions filed against the practice of polygamy by a social activist Moullim Mohsin Bin Hussain Bin Abdad Al Kathiri based in Hyderabad said that it “treats women as men’s chattel, and reduces their status to an object of desire to be possessed by men.”

Another plea filed by Delhi BJP leader Aswini Kumar Upadhyay takes up the issue of polygamy and nikah halala.

Here we take a closer look at what this practice of nikah halala is:

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Sources: Wikipedia, The Indian Express, The Hindu

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