If you are a young scientist willing to showcase your innovational projects, Max Polyakov and the Association Noosphere will be glad to welcome you at their tournaments. One example is the Star Traсk tournament, held on December 2, 2017. Young scientists met at the Dnipro National University.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

The tournament covered 3 topics:

1. CanSats – projects of a launch vehicle for the launch and deployment of CanSat microsatellites.

2. Advanced Rocket Systems – projects of carrier rockets for the research of the upper atmosphere.

3. Freestyle – a category for those who have any original idea.

“CanSat” and “Advanced Rocket Systems” are both famous student space programs, held in different countries all over the world. The first “CanSat” program was held in November 1998. “Advanced Rocket Systems” started up in the early 2000s.

Despite the fact that Ukraine has a rich space history, none of these popular space programs was hosted in Ukraine before 2017. So, thanks to Max Polyakov and Star Track, Ukrainian students now have the opportunity to join the world community.

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7 teams participated in the Star Track tournament:

1. Apus Space (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute):

This team presented a technical solution of two propulsion systems to support the flight of a vehicle in multiple flight regimes.

2. Uranus (Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Physics and Technology Department):

Students analyzed existing trends in the field of rocket research and proposed a possible implementation of a suborbital rocket.

3. Clasna Rocket (Dnipro National University – DNU):

This team’s idea was to use a dual-mode engine to increase traction in an active site.

4. DH (Dnipro College of Rocket and Space Engineering):

Students came up with the idea of a military reconnaissance drone, which will be able to detect enemy objects.

5. Rocchetta Space Vehicle (DNU):

The team presented prototypes of a single-stage rocket for meteorological research.

6. DniproSkyLAB (Graduates of DNU, Physics and Technology Department):

These guys presented a project of a launch vehicle for CanSats.

7. Universal Rocket (DNU):

The innovation of the project lays in using a modified rocket engine instead of a classical one.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

The judges (namely the mentors of Space Research Laboratory of the Noosphere Engineering School and the Space Systems Engineering, and Earth Observing System representatives) and Max Polyakov appreciated all the projects.

After a 15-minute pitch by each team, the question of choosing the best student projects fell on the judges. As a result, the teams CLASNA Rocket, DniproSkyLAB, Rocchetta Space Vehicle, Universal Rocket, and DH became the winners.

A pleasant surprise for the students was a cash prize of 5,000 UAH for each team. Not everyone has the opportunity to present their engineering ideas to investors, but Max Polyakov and Noosphere are ready to help.

The creation of favorable conditions for the development of space novelties is very significant. Max Polyakov promises that there will be many more events under the Star Track brand.

In the opinion of Max Polyakov, thanks to forums like Star Track, young specialists in the field of space technologies get practical experience in the development of rocket technologies.

Association Noosphere is actively pursuing more and more events every year. The founder of Noosphere, Max Polyakov and the director of Google Ukraine, Dmitry Sholomko, opened the Vernadsky Challenge in the spring of 2015.

The annual  BestRoboFest technology festival was held for the first time in 2016. Also for the first time in Ukraine, Association Noosphere organized the NASA Space Apps Challenge in 2017. So, if you have potential developments in engineering, then you should definitely participate in Association Noosphere events.

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