Having been locked within the four walls of our homes due to the sudden spread of the coronavirus has mostly normalized the phrase ‘always expect the unexpected’ by now. We all seemed to have reached a stage of despair, where all we look forward to now is the year to get over.

Ever since the outbreak reached our country, events concerning it have only gotten more peculiar by the day. Among them, a noticeable one has been worshipping the coronavirus to calm its wrath and plead for it to show mercy upon our lives.

And if this wasn’t outlandish enough, we have a piece of news that might pique your interest – a sales scheme promoting COVID-19! Yes, you read that correctly.

While nations across the globe have been racing against time to find a vaccine or cure for this disease, we have an electronic dealer based in Kerala that has come up with an innovative way to perk up their sales.

A Promoter Of COVID-19?

An established dealer of electronic products and home appliances based in Kerala, named Nandilath G-Mart, has put up an advertisement that promises Rs. 50,000 cashback on purchases made from 15th August to the end of the month, only if they have COVID-19 in between.

The advertisement that the store put up

This might sound like a ridiculous prank being played on someone, but this actually exists. And all that they have done throughout the advertisement is mock the pandemic along with those who have been its victims. 

While it is indeed a bizarre stunt for publicity, the question that now arises is, why would someone indulge in such practices to increase their sales?

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A Cheap Sales Trick

There is no denying that ever since the pandemic induced lockdown began, people in business, shop owners, salespeople – in short pretty much everyone, irrespective of their position in the economic hierarchy, have been affected by it. Sales have been lower than usual, and thus incomes have severely reduced.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, people have been trying their level best to cope with the situation. 

However, there are times when people tend to cross the limit, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, both intentionally or otherwise.

This advertisement has mocked the very gravity of the issue at hand – one that has been claiming thousands of lives globally. They have belittled the pandemic to a mere gimmick, which they felt would probably benefit them. 

I say probably here because the sheer insensitivity of the scheme might as well lead them to lose customers instead of the expected contrary.

Under such times of distress, the insolent behaviour of this sort leads to further unrest in the community. People should be more considerate and compassionate about their fellow beings, as surely they wouldn’t want their near and dear ones to be put through this kind of trauma, both physically and mentally.

Till then, I must say I have had my share of bizarre events for the year, and I do look forward to no such schemes celebrating this pandemic any further. Too soon to joke about it, as the saying goes!

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Sources: East Coast Daily, India, News 18

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