The Grand Old Party, Indian National Congress has been facing serious existential crisis lately. Print and electronic media are flooded with headlines showcasing the downfall of the age-old political party, which has a great bearing on the present political system.

The latest headlines include the resignation by Rahul Gandhi and following him, many other influential Congress leaders have chosen to resign. The disaster is not limited to this.

The poorly-functioning government of Karnataka has now been allegedly hijacked by BJP leaders. It is alleged that BJP is behind the political instability in Karnataka.

It doesn’t matter who is behind this instability. Noting the fact that it is not the first and only incident of such kind, one is forced to wonder whether the “Congress Mukt Bharat” campaign of BJP has finally succeeded. And if it has, what is going to happen next?

I am not a political analyst but as a young Indian, the mere thought of a falling opposition against a very strong ruling party is scary for me.

The country which is the largest democracy in the world and has been built on its principles along with fundamental rights may experience a big political thrust, thanks to the political ideology of bleeding one’s enemies to death.

There are two possibilities which come to my mind when I try to analyze this situation.

The first situation is that Congress shrinks to a very small, nearly non-existent political party, while BJP under the umbrella-head of NDA roars to power.

If Modi and Amit Shah choose to be tyrannical and controlling, there is a high probability that Congress and other political parties would be wiped off.

Of course, it would be difficult to wipe off regional parties and Congress, a national party but it is most likely that when BJP would rise to power in most parts of India, it would leave no stone unturned to get rid of all other potential competitors.

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It is true that excessive power corrupts and if BJP acquires this power, it will cause great damage to India as a democracy.

If Congress shrinks, another possibility is that some regional party emerges out as a strong contender to BJP.

Taking a look at parties which have a considerable part of North India, TMC is the one which shows noteworthy leadership qualities and political stability.

TMC has very strong voters and supporter base in West Bengal. Though she holds a dictatorial leadership, Mamta Banerjee has proven herself time and again.

Though she remained uncontested in Bengal for a long time, the recent trends of Lok Sabha elections of 2019 showed a contrary scenario.

BJP miraculously got decent seats and if this trend continues, it may create serious problems for TMC in future. According to her nature, the tigress of Bengal won’t sit and watch but would move in for the kill.

There is no turning around of the fact that with some good PR work and image building, the Mamta Banerjee lead party can do wonders on the national front. If TMC further acquires the trust of other small, regional parties, it can give good competition to BJP.

Maybe in the happiness of coming near to the dream of “Congress Mukt Bharat”, Modi and Amit Shah’s minds must have missed the fact that this drastic change in the Indian politics may create problems for BJP itself.

The possibilities of what I have analyzed above may not be very strong but that is my personal opinion. No one but only time can tell what it has kept in store for Indian democracy.

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Sources: Economic Times, Livemint, Money Control

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