Humans Story Part 8 – The Man Too Fond Of Capitals

Me and a friend of mine had took an auto to reach where we’d planned to spend the day, in Jaipur, where I’m currently residing. We noticed the Women Helpline Number marked at the back of the driver’s seat, and asked him about the same.

He answered, “I’ve made it a habit of mine to inform any female who I think wouldn’t already know, about the helpline. Girls like you already know a lot, so I let it be this time. That way, innocent drivers like us won’t have to share the blame that’s quite generalized on auto rickshaw and taxi drivers. Also makes the passenger feel safer.”

Impressed, we told him,”That’s quite a thing you do here. You must feel so proud, don’t you? You should.”

Laughing, he answered, “I’m all but performing my duty, madam. However, there are other things that make me feel quite proud of myself.”

Intrigued, we asked him to let us know. Almost giddy, he told us, “If you want, you can test, but I’ve memorized the capital cities of every country that exists in this world.”

On reflex, I asked, “Spain?”, it being one of my favorite countries.

“Madrid!” he answered, visibly beaming.

“Whoa, you do know stuff. How is that?” we questioned.

“Well, it’s just that I’m a little too fond of the Discovery channel.”

And that he was. He knew shows, anchors and places by name. As we continued talking, he almost shone. It turned out he was quite shy when it came to photographs, and only laughed, didn’t turn back, when I asked for one.

If beings with such simple living standards as him can be so fond of their passions and draw so much energy from them, why don’t we, with larger shares of luck, rejoice in these simple pleasures?


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