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Human Interactions Are Being Taken Over By Messengers And It’s Dangerous


By Anuriti Sarkar

We all love the internet, mostly because we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Just type down your feelings and press send. But how do know that what you get in reply is actually what the other person is feeling or is it a very well constructed reply?

You don’t, that’s the problem with virtual reality, it’s virtual! And due to this, we miss out on the real interactions. 

Has it ever occurred to you that when you chat or text with a person, you feel quite comfortable and easy to talk to, but when you do it face to face, you start to fumble. We are so much engrossed into the world of technology that we don’t actually try to communicate with someone.

We just believe in the virtual reality. I do understand that advancement of technology has changed our lives, social media and apps have helped us a lot, but what about the actual and physical interactions?

Instead of meeting up and going for dinner, all we do is text the whole night and we’re done. We keep on ignoring our family, our partners or anyone in general just to respond to a text or to watch a video or the recent “story updates”.

What do we do when we go to a party? Talk with others, have fun and make memories? No, we update stories and posts on how much fun we’re having, which apparently we’re not.

We’re so much into the social media and technology that we are at a loss of actual social skills. Instead of being attached to people we are more attached with our gadgets and social accounts, a day without these won’t give us satisfaction.

Already we find a lot of relationships being destroyed and the sole reason behind this being lack of communication. It makes us grow apart from the people in our life, even though we’re ‘connected via messengers’.

We stop paying attention to them, and not only that but we’re at a loss of words when it comes to talking. We can barely talk to a person for more than 10 minutes nowadays, and the only sentence we keep on repeating is “What else?”, “Aur batao?”.

It’s like we’ve forgotten the art of communication. We don’t have topics to talk about, always waiting for the other person to start the conversation. Small talks are the only things we can make with someone we meet, there are no deep conversations or anything worthwhile.

The problem isn’t that we are not willing to interact, but the efforts we need to put in. Facebook, WhatsApp are way too convenient and easy to handle, but actually talking to a person and getting to know them? That surely is going to take more efforts and energy.

So in a way, not only is it making us less social, but also a lot lazier. If this keeps on growing, soon enough we may find that there won’t be any need of physical contact at all. Maybe in future we’ll find everyone in confined rooms stuck to their gadgets..oh wait, that is already happening.

Even a whole day of just texting won’t equal to the feeling you get after spending few hours talking to someone. Talking to someone not only relieves stress but also boosts you up, it gives you a kind of happiness which you won’t get from the internet, plus you can get to know them and share your own thoughts and views.

And it’s more expressive than virtual chatting, also prevents a lot of miscommunications caused these days! The future is in our hands, and for god’s sake if you don’t want to see us humans being detached from everyone, try and communicate, not just text.

Get to know new people, have long deep conversations about anything. Go out on a date or for movies, or just for a walk, experience what is around you. Get an actual smile on your face rather than typing LOL and smile emojis with a bland expression.

Make memories by experiencing them and not just by posting and updating stories about them, instead of face-timing, try to have an actual face time, it’ll help you for sure. 

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