By Mansi Rawat

Criticism and having subjective opinions are elements of basic human nature. People believe in different things and therefore clash in opinions might give birth to certain criticism.

Criticism is not always bad but makes you understand the importance of a contrasting opinion. Constructive criticism helps you develop a lot of new facets of your personality but it’s the harsh, rude and nagging critics we don’t want to deal with.

Social media has just expanded the scope for this unwanted criticism in our lives.

We are only talking about HARSH criticism

Here, I’m talking about harsh, snarky and sometimes unwelcoming comments on forums that serve no useful purpose to the receiver.

Especially on the internet. It’s weird how eagerly people judge total strangers on the Internet.

People criticise viciously and fail to understand the fine difference between feedback and criticism.

It can demotivate but shouldn’t bog you down.

Never beat yourself up or shift the blame or negativity onto others.

Here’s how to deal with harsh/ negative/ unwanted criticism coming all along your way

1. Criticism is easy, a piece of advice is tough

A lot of times people tend to criticize for the sake of it while some are also genuinely wanting you to do better. In any case, ask the person subtly for advice/suggestions/ opinions on improving.

Disarm them by asking for a way out!

2. Do not feel weak. There is always a way out

It’s tough to take in harsh criticism. If someone is saying something derogatory, try not to defend yourself.

Becoming defensive might just be taken as being unsure about what the person actually believes. If you do not agree with a lot of things being said, simply talk it out. Confront them or just tell them your perspective and leave!

Immediately move out of anything which makes you torture your mental self!

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3. Ignore

Words have a unique power of taking you to your weakest self.

Firstly if not many people are telling you the same thing or the same advice and it’s only one soul in the crowd then try and reconsider the validity of the sources or the fact that opinions are subjective.

Secondly, you are not here to take any and every mindless shit spoken about you. You are not answerable and not obliged to take all the opinions at all.

Thirdly, accept this part of the world. Whatever you create and send it out in the public domain, some people aren’t going to like it. If people are criticising your work it means that your work has garnered an opinion.

Learn to ignore and move ahead.

4. Revert back and tell them it’s damaging

Start a conversation and disagree with them. Addressing them is one of the best tactics.

Once I read this, “Write when angry, send when not.” Since then this has been my mantra.

In case, you are getting heated up do not immediately react because that’s why a lot of people criticise you, to take out the worst from you or simply because they want to pinch you.

When you calm down, sit and speak it all out!

5. We all stand at both the positions

Realise that all of us have taken criticism and have also been the harshest critics. There’s absolutely no problem with suggestions/constructive criticism but whenever it gets harsh it’s not okay to speak it out.

Give as much as you can take.

It’s not really the language but the tone/ ill intention and mean behaviour which impacts one the most.

Harsh criticism can potentially harm one’s psyche to a great extent. It shouldn’t be ignored and left away but dealt with a more firm hand.

So, tell us in the comments whether you felt that this article was useful or not. Share your methods of handling harsh criticism.

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