Where textbooks have taken a backseat since the pandemic hit, Nidhi Nagori has been steering the wheels of practical literacy on social media platforms. An Indian, currently settled in Canada, Nidhi works as a Senior Internal Auditor at Lincoln Electronic.

While you must’ve been pondering exactly what ‘practical content’ she provides that surpasses the nuances of the textbook, allow me to set the stage for you.

Nidhi teaches the “practicality” that is required to steer one’s way into one educational, financial, or career journey. Something that has been missing in our textbooks.

What Content Does She Put Up For Her Audience?

“Finance I Career I Life,” she writes on her Instagram handle, giving us a brief idea about the nature of the content she creates.

As we observe keenly, we see her videos and posts mainly cater to the youth and the young adults ranging from school students to working professionals.

She talks about

  • securing scholarships abroad,
  • countries that provide free international education,
  • the basics of moving to a foreign country,
  • certificate courses from trusted places that educate a lot,
  • how does one build their resume,
  • how does one begin and strategize their investment journey,
  • what are the pros and cons of having a credit card,
  • sites that are legit and provide freelancing and opportunity to earn some extra income via side gigs, and
  • how does one go around finding jobs abroad, to name a few.

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While these topics are not fresh-off-the-mill, world-changing topics, they certainly are extremely crucial. They highlight the demands of the current-day job market and prepare people for the real world, where bookish knowledge has seldom helped anyone survive.

Her content has lakhs of youngsters hooked to her handles for help. She often shares proof of people securing jobs or doing a certificate course she recommended.

If nothing, these distinguish her from the lot of influencers that are primarily focused on gaining traffic. Added, it opens up several pathways and means which help people simply mitigate their basic queries.

A delightful fact to add is that she makes videos in Hindi too!

Why Do These Topics Come So Much Handy?

We need to understand that the current ‘young generation’ are the ones witnessing a major change in the job markets around the world. The norms of the traditional job market have changed rapidly, and today it is much more dynamic.

Today, only past experiences are not enough, you need to have done additional courses, secure recommendations, have a good credit score, etc to secure a good and stable job.

All while figuring out your finance management because the financial education we received from our parents doesn’t bear results anymore.

While our parents struggled to provide a comfortable life for us, we have bigger aspirations, of moving across continents, learning a new skill, or investing in cryptocurrency. Sadly enough, these are but an alien concept to most of our elders.

In such situations, Nidhi Nagori’s journey sets the ideal for many, a life of independence, knowledge, and growth, while cruising through the hardships of life. She comes from a small village in West Bengal, lost her father at an early age, took a career gap, and today works at a publicly listed Fortune 1000 company.

These are the very things society terms as a barrier to achieving our dreams. Oddly enough, these are what gave her the motivation to dream big, and today, she is shaping the lives of many and I am one of them.

Image Source– Nidhi’s Official Instagram Handle

SourcesNidhi’s Instagram Handle, Nidhi’s LinkedIn

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