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How Jason Klock Remains Successful Despite Setbacks


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, the live events and entertainment industry took the hardest hit. As one of the first industries to go and one of the last to come back, Jason Klock and his team at Klock Entertainment have worked tirelessly to come up with ways to creatively and safely keep the company afloat. Klock Entertainment is a Pennsylvania based wedding DJ, lighting, and corporate event production company. Most recently, they have begun to offer virtual events from a stage set up in their warehouse. The stage will be set up indefinitely, with various set design and lighting options that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of businesses and organizations that take advantage of the offering. Jason explains, “Right now, we are helping clients broadcast their message through our virtual stage looking in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We’ve also safely adapted to still help couples have the wedding day of their dreams, while following current in-person safety measures and gathering restrictions.”
Although business looks different these days, Jason’s motivation remains the same. “My motivation stems from my love for music and the love for serving couples and clients by providing an experience through special moments,” he says. “No matter the event, it all leads back to the core hospitality, passion, and positive attitude that got me to where I’m at today.  Klock Entertainment is completely organic. No investments, no handouts, no sponsorships, no cross promotion, just 100% hustle.”
In a typical year, Klock Entertainment averages more than 600 events, and Jason relies on his team to make sure each one goes off without a hitch. With forty part-time employees and five full-time staff, Klock Entertainment has expanded to offer additional services, such as audio and visual for standard corporate functions. However, despite the excellence of his team, you’ll still find Jason in the middle of all the action. He notes, “The best part about all this growth is that there’s still an opportunity to perform, do what I love, and manage the company. Doing both isn’t easy, but you’ll catch me leading 70 to 80 events a year, in addition to 50 hour work weeks in the office.”
He continues, “No one will keep you accountable or motivate you more than yourself. You must create your own mindset, stay disciplined, and be accountable to reach your goals. Establishing this mindset is the key to being successful.”
For Jason, this mindset was cultivated early. He explains, “Ever since being a young kid, DJing and live events was something that I had a high interest in. My father played in various bands and my grandfather owned a music store. The stories and energy from them always made me interested to do something similar myself.”
After DJing, emceeing, and working live events since his early teenage years, the decision to open his own business was a no-brainer. After one semester of college, and a few years of outside sales, Jason took a leap of faith and launched Klock Entertainment full-time in 2011. Within one year, his one-man team had grown exponentially, needing office space to accommodate additional full-time employees. Remembering the early days of his business, Jason says, “The biggest challenge in starting a business is hiring the right people to help your clients the same way that you, the business owner, are passionate about. This is key for continued growth and success for the long-term.”
Today, as the future of the industry remains uncertain, Jason continues to rely on the brilliance of his team to carry the heart behind Klock Entertainment. He says, “The reality is, there is only one you and one company that is yours. I broadcast who I am and share my energy to the world. If you are doing the right things, you’ll differentiate yourself organically.”
Needless to say, Jason has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. To learn more about Jason or Klock Entertainment, follow him on Instagram or click here.

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