Suicides continue to be a major problem with teens. But several students in Delhi are trying to prevent suicides among the youth because this is a serious issue related to mental illness.

About 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, with 1,35,000 (17%) of these being residents of India. In every 100 minutes, a life is taken by suicide.

In July 2018, a student of Bharati College in Janakpuri area allegedly committed suicide in the institute’s washroom. There was no suicide note found.

How people are trying to reduce the suicide rates?

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. According to the CDC, it results in about 4400 deaths per year.

Teen suicide linked to bad parent behaviour

Izhaar is a peer to peer mental health support group of Gargi College. It aims to create awareness among the students of Gargi College about suicides and mental health. Recently, the students dedicated 8th and 10th September for suicide prevention awareness within the college.

A seminar was also conducted on this theme to make people aware of the conditions. They also had events like slam poetry and poster making on the theme of mental health. Spoken word was one of the successful part as it brought people together, sharing their deepest and most personal thoughts.

This group is about creating a safe space for anyone and everyone who needs it.

There have been other colleges who have been trying to prevent the increased suicide rates.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi had decided to revamp its curriculum in such a way that helps the students tackle study pressure effectively and keep suicidal tendency low.

In 2017, Sumaitri, a crisis intervention center operated a suicide prevention helpline at Bhagwandas Lane in Delhi.

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IIT Kharagpur has come up with a simple solution to prevent student suicides by pulling them out of loneliness and depression. The hostel authorities simply switch off the power in the evenings. It is expected to create healthy social life on campus to potentially tackle depression.

The ‘Happiness Curriculum’ launched by the Delhi Government aims at increasing mental health awareness among school children. The classes have been started to reduce depression and other mental illnesses among children that are on the rise.

Apart from that, Roshni is a comprehensive resource for the prevention of suicides. They offer a hotline to help anyone who’s thinking of ending his or her life.

Suicide is a growing public health concern among teens

Sneha Foundation India also offers unconditional emotional support to the depressed, desperate and suicidal. You can even write to them on their email.

Finally, Help Guide is a website that gives information on mental health issues, including suicides. The website has a list exposing common myths about suicide.

Why do people try to kill themselves?

Depression is one of the most common reasons for committing suicide, especially among teens. They might be doing poorly in school and staying on the social margins. Depression is frequently ignored or untreated.

There have been many cases of students committing suicides because of unhealthy competition, child abuse, peer pressure, romantic relationships, and poor time management

A suicidal person often feels like death is the only relief from their problems. However, unlike popular opinion, it is not something that people just do without any thought or taking their coward’s way out. Instead it comes with deep inner conflicts about taking one’s own life. Sadly, without a proper support system or help, they cannot see an alternative and commit suicide.

There are many other factors like social isolation, active alcohol abuse, mood disorder, and conflict over sexual identity.

I think if you are facing any trouble, you should talk about it. Talking about it might provide people with a great sense of relief.

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