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Hijab Makes History At New York Fashion Week


From years and ages controversies have revolved around Muslim clothing item – Hijaab. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Hijaab is a kind of scarf worn by Muslim women to cover their head. Some Muslim women wear it 24×7 while some others prefer it while praying or offering namaaz.

Models dazzled the ramp in designer hijab along with the outfits!
Models dazzled the ramp at the New York Fashion Week in designer hijab along with the outfits!

Earlier Hijaab was all about negative controversies but New York Fashion Week  has finally made history with the Hijaab and in a good way. Indonesian Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan wrapped up the New York Fashion Week with  showcasing  her collection where models dazzled the ramp sporting designer hijabs with the outfits.

The collection was inspired by Hasibuan’s  own hometown Jakarta and a sense of fashion from the vibrant city. The event earned itself a golden name in the history as it was the first time when a show at New York Fashion Week featured hijabs worn with every outfit.

In Hasibuan’s collection, the hijabs were paired with eye-catching gowns, suits, kimonos and tunics in colorful silks, velvets and brocades, adorned with sequins and pearls. As the show ended,  Anniesa Hasibuan received a standing ovation from a largely non-Muslim audience.

Anniesa Hasibuan, the designer behind the historic event.

The collection showcased is a  part of the Modesty Movement in fashion, led by innovative Indonesian designers like Hasibuan. The hijab isn’t typically considered synonymous with high fashion, especially in the western world and the event  and movement is an attempt to break through this stereotype.

Hasibuan was applauded across social media for helping bring Islamic fashion into the mainstream like a few other designers  before her. In 2015, Muslim designer Hana Tajim collaborated with Uniqlo and Mariah Idrissi appeared in a campaign with H&M wearing a hijab.

Following are some pictures from the show where models sported the hijab with grace and hence blurred the lines of stereotype:






Modernity is not about being exclusive of other cultures but more about being able to make a choice one feels comfortable with. This is exactly what the show tried to enlighten by using hijab which is considered to be a sign of orthodox traditions. It tried to blend comfortability with fashion and definitely succeeded at it with grace!

Hasibuan’s show is a part of the powerful new trend that strengthens the idea of being inclusive of other cultures.

In a country where Muslim women have been fired and rejected from college for wearing a hijab, it was refreshing to see New York Fashion Week embrace the religious article in a grand way.

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