Mumbai recorded an Air Quality Index of 28 on Monday, the cleanest reading of the year thus far, and a sky that was bright blue in colour rather than the dreary haze that has become the norm.

On the very same day, the AQI of three major cities Ahmedabad, Pune and Delhi read 64, 73 and 174. While Ahmedabad and Pune have shown satisfactory results, Delhi shows a moderate result.

Air quality has been an issue in major Indian cities for a while now. The quality keeps fluctuating and more often than not dips below the optimal level due to increased air pollution.

However, after doing a quick internet search, there were found 5 Indian cities that have the cleanest air in the country.

1) Ponneri, Tamil Nadu –

Ponneri is a town that belongs to the state of Tamil Nadu in the Chennai Metropolitan Region, Thiruvallur district. It’s in the Ponneri Taluk.

The Agastheeswarar Temple, a well-known temple dedicated to worshipping Lord Shive, is what makes Ponneri popular. The interior praying hall has the stunning Gaja Prashtam architectural design.

2) Tarakeshwar, West Bengal –

In the state of West Bengal’s Hooghly district lies the city of Tarakeswar. It is a popular tourist destination and a sacred site in East India and West Bengal. The main draw of Tarakeshwar town in the Hooghly District is the Taraknath Temple. Raja Bharamalla built the Taraknath Temple in 1729, which is devoted to Lord Taraknath.

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3) Digboi, Assam –

In the northeastern region of the Indian state of Assam, situated in the Tinsukia district, is the town of Digboi. The first oil well in Asia was drilled in Digboi, which is referred to as the Oil City of Assam. Here, construction of the first refinery began as early as 1901.

4) Bhilai, Chhattisgarh –

Located in the eastern central state of Chhattisgarh, Bhilai is a city in Durg district. This industrial city is around 25 km away from Raipur and is well-known for the Bhilai Steel Plant, one of the biggest in India. The Bhilai Steel Plant is well known for being the only supplier of rails to the Indian Railways in the country.

5) Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu –

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Cuddalore serves as both the district’s capital and a city. Cuddalore, which is located south of Chennai, was a significant port city under the British Raj. Cuddalore, which is mainly a pilgrimage tourism destination in Tamilnadu, is also popularly known as the land of temples since it is blessed with numerous exquisite Hindu temples.

So, in case you are in for a breath of fresh air, quite literally, you may want to explore these beautiful towns and cities located in tiny pockets of the country.

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