There is no lack of conversations and discussions, be it online or in real life, on the topic whether all metal-heads secretly perform satanic rituals and worship the devil. It’s a very common and a very longstanding perception that the society has held on to for a very long time.

Even Quora has various threads that specifically analyse the relationship between Heavy Metal Rock Music and Satanism, starting from how and why these two concepts came to be associated together to tips on how to convince someone that heavy metal music isn’t satanic.

Lyrics That Focus Mainly On Dark Themes

This association may very well have been a product of the nature of the songs these bands decide to release. For example, Black Sabbath decided to use themes of war, injustice, violence and religion in their songs as a way to stand out amongst all other bands performing in the same genre. With songs like “Welcome to Hell” and “Haunting the Chapel”, it was only a matter of time before those who belonged to the more vulnerable spectrum of the society formed an illusionary connection between heavy metal music and Satanism.

Moreover, the more creative bands, with the help of satanic imagery, seek to garner more popularity via mere shock value. Of course, the mere thrill behind the horror/gore themes and the rebellious statements that they make through their art is a big incentive.

But in most cases, it’s a simple marketing gimmick.

Bands That Take Mere Satanic Imagery To The Extremes

This not to say that lots of metal bands don’t take the Satanism bit, a bit too far. According to this article in Phoenix News Times, the singer of Gorgoroth (a Norwegian based black metal band) reportedly tortured a man and made him drink his own blood. The lead singer of another Norwegian band by the name of Mayhem blew his brains out with a suicide note that read, “excuse all the blood”. The members of this band have reportedly stabbed each other, and have eaten parts of the dead singer.

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Arrangement Of Songs Plays A Massive Role

Another reason why people are not so tolerant towards metal songs might be because they sound so different in comparison to the majority of mainstream songs being produced and released today.

Where Pop and R&B songs tend to use the major scale which makes them sound happy, metal bands prefer to use minor scale for their arrangement. Moreover, the fast tempo and harsh sound quality of metal bands combined with the usage of the minor scale alter the sound of minor scale from sounding sad into sounding angry.

I’m attaching two videos below to help you properly understand the differences that singing a particular song in minor and major scales can have on the feel and vibe of the song.

The song is Hey Jude by Beatles.

Following is the original.

And here is the minor scale cover of the same song.

Do you understand the difference now?

Anyway, when it comes to convincing people that metal music is not devil worship, there is honestly very little you can do. If someone is silly enough to believe that metal bands are trying to call out to the devil by playing loud guitar and using harsh vocals, I suggest you coyly mention the super secret meetings that metal-heads come together for to specifically partake in pious satanic rituals involving some very choice head-banging sessions!

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