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A Book Can Do A Split. But Kindle “Can’t Dance Sala”- Hardcover Books Vs Kindle


By Richa Sharma

I was 18 when I first completed reading a book, completely. Since then struck by Bibliophilism, I am a proud owner of nearly 500 books at present.

E-books or Kindle have never attracted me enough to speak about the brighter side or rather I’m here to show you the darker side of them.


1. Party, music and dance can be brainstormed together. But can you relate them to books?

A book can do a split. But Kindle “can’t dance sala”.

2. Amongst strange bookmark ideas, Kindle can top the list.


A book can use Kindle as it’s bookmark, but Kindle can you bookmark a hardcover book? LOL.

3. Strictly under adult’s supervision.

A hardcover book can be used as a weapon. Try throwing your kindle at somebody! You will feel the pain. LOL

4. Hardcovers are carefully designed. Choose them wisely.

Book covers can start conversations with strangers. But Kindle ke pichvade (backside) mein wo baat kaha!

5. Want to write a letter but have no paper? This will help you.


You can never write a personal note to someone on a Kindle if you’re gifting it.

6. Hardcover books may cost you a fortune but they know the value of appreciation.


A Kindle can never be sold at a higher price if a book goes out of print.

7. Riddle: What gets old and smells even better?

A Kindle can NEVER have any fragrance, unlike hardcover books.

8. Unless you burn, tear or lose it, a book will accompany you forever.

A hardcover book can be immortal whereas, Kindle has a Battery Life, which has to be charged before it dies.

9. Books not only keep you mentally fit but they know you need protection from flies. Kindle cannot be that concerned.

muse-pas-bulgakova (1)

10. On a hot summer day when there is no electricity only this will be your saviour.

Books be like USE ME to fan yourself. *feels like a saint* Kindles will only give reasons like “battery about to die”.

11. During study holidays, they help us a lot.


We have all slept on a book at least once. Don’t try such stunts with your Kindle.

12. Many hardcover books can replace a table but who would buy that many Kindles?


13. This is not for the stingy people.

Even if you have no food to eat, a library of books makes you look rich. Even Kindle looks too cheap.

14. Bored of reading of listening to the lecturer? Want to show how talented you can be?

A hardcover book will let you doodle, but Kindle is too hygienic.

Enough said and shown, now do I have to tell you who is better than who?

*hardcover books take a bow*


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