Coronavirus has changed the entire meaning of travelling Post pandemic. Travellers, have been largely confined to their homes for months, are starting to dream again of beaches, mountains and culture and heritage. Yet reopening travel, the new normal presents its own challenges and demanding for highest safety.

For the Promotion of Conscious and Responsible travel, Niki Kathiriya, PR & Marketing official of Gujarat state tourism has given a message to all the travellers through her mesmerising painting. She has promoted the concept of  solo travelling in Gujarat. Along with her painting she has written that सुखद अनुभव के लिए भीड़ की जरुरत तो नहीं ..!


अपना ख़याल रखें,
हमें आपकी फ़िक्र है। 


Even though the life is coming back to normal, I still ask all to stay mindful when roaming the destinations around Gujarat. Be aware of other public, keep safe distance and protect people from risk.

It has now become pivotal that we now need to set our travel planner wisely to get best experience from places we visit for the unforgettable moments. To be more specific  making  Recommendations to its best  time to change the idea going far to visit ,  its time together to overcome  the worst everyone should  start Exploring our own cities and nearby places.  The agenda safe travel should be at upmost priority with extra care towards personal hygiene and safety ensuring to obey the tourism guidelines strictly as advised by the government. Explore the Nature and Outdoors near you. 


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