An Aadhaar-based facial acknowledgment framework could take over and supplant the biometric unique finger impression or iris check machines at COVID-19 immunization centers, to stop the rapid spread.

The government is working on a pilot venture to check the credibility of facial acknowledgment utilizing Aadhaar information.

National Health Authority CEO, R.S. Sharma, said,” The Aadhaar agency, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has deployed the best facial recognition algorithms, which they will be utilizing from now on”.

The Touchless Process

“We have started a pilot in Jharkhand which is reporting more than 1,000 successful authentications via facial recognition on a daily basis at the vaccination sites, this move will make the entire vaccination process touchless,” said Sharma, who is also the chairperson of the empowered committee for the administration of COVID-19 vaccination.

Currently, the beneficiaries at the vaccination centers need to touch their fingers at the machine for biometric authentication. They also need to touch the equipment for iris authentication.

COVID Vaccination Shot

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Vaccine at Delhi Hospital

What Is Digital Certification In India?

India is intently adjusting its computerized authentications to global norms. The World Health Organization is as yet chipping away at the last norms for computerized immunization endorsements.

In India, advanced endorsements are given to immunization beneficiaries through COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network, Co-WIN, as evidence of inoculation.

The framework utilizes Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, which is a worldwide norm for trading medical care data electronically.

“It is a digitally verifiable certificate. The QR code on the certificate is encrypted and on being checked, it will show all information related to who gave the vaccine shot to the recipients, when and where it was given, which vaccine was given apart from other details,” R S Sharma said. He added that these certificates might soon be required for people to travel internationally. 

Vaccination Serum

It Is  Unique and Scalable

The system has not reported any glitches since 1 March and is delivering digital certificates in local languages, labeling Co-WIN as “unique” and “scalable.”

The platform can handle a load of 10,000 users per second.  It has so far “smoothly” generated 30 lakh digital certificates. 

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