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By Aravind |

Google glass being the first visual wear that is ultra-modern and literally the first wearable computer to hit the streets. The foremost and primary fact you need to know about the google glass is that, yes you’ll look like an idiot once you wear it. That aside and it is without doubt Glass’s biggest issue, the technological side of Glass is fascinating.

Close to about 42 grams, it’s really light and feels like a part of your face. The build quality of Glass is superb, and while the screen is obviously fragile, Different sized nose pads are supplied along with a sun shield (just in case you want to look even more absurd) and a carrying case. There’s no disguising the fact you’re wearing Glass, but aesthetically it could have looked a lot worse (as pictures of earlier prototypes show).

The first thing you’ll do with Glass is, without doubt, take a picture. The 5MP unit is good. It’s also capable of recording 720p video. Glass also features a Micro USB Connector – used for charging the device, with a full charge taking only about an hour. The headset also packs Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth connectivity along with 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage.

There’s a lot of debate over whether using Glass in a car will be safe, but directions show Glass at its best, with unobtrusive information that’s just there when you need it. There are driving, walking and cycling directions built in. Google Now is the key to Glass from Google’s point of view, Now integration brings information you’ve searched for elsewhere to Glass – for instance, look up a restaurant on your PC before you leave, and it’ll be in Glass as you leave, complete with traffic delays and the option to get directions.

Google Glass is very much an early version, and as such has a few problems, and does crash now and again. However, its core functions, such as directions, speech recognition and camera work extremely well. For now, it’s safe to say that Google Glass is a unique, and potentially great, product at a very early stage of development- but for now, it really is only for developers, and it will make you look a glass hole.

Google Glass release date: 2014



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