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No good thing ever dies


By Mahak


Whenever I see or hear news I feel like this world is approaching its end. There are absolutely no good people to help save the world. I see old people begging on the road; I see hungry dogs on the street and people walking by them without even glancing at them. People can spend 1000 bucks on a meal at a high-end restaurant but they can’t buy food worth 30 bucks for the hungry. Everybody seems to be rushing to their work places, schools, colleges and are simply too preoccupied with their lives that nobody can see the pity in the eyes of the old, fragile and the poor for food, a blanket or at times even water. I can’t say that I am an animal lover but I adore animals and occasionally I like to feed them, especially if I see puppies. I would say their cuteness compels me to feed them and I want to play with them and until and unless I feed them their mother wouldn’t let me play with them. So I am selfish I feed them because I love to play with them and click their pictures by intruding in their space!!!(Oh yeah I do that but some love the camera, they pose better than most people I know ;P)

The other day I was feeding these dogs and puppies and a girl comes up to me and asked me whether I feed them regularly and I answered in affirmative. She told me that she has sort of started this “Animal welfare group” in our college where she has added a few people who feed these pups. She has a box of pedigree (dog food) and its kept at a place where anyone can avail it. So, what she wanted to do through this group was to make sure that if anyone gets time off from lectures, they feed the dogs and let everyone else know that they have done it, So that no one feeds the dogs twice a day and to make sure that they are fed every day. She even got a medicine for the mother of the puppies as she was suffering from some skin disease. She even wanted to get them sterilized. I know this might seem like a small deal but such acts make me want to believe in this world and restore my faith in people. Some people would go out of their way to help others without any interest of their own, just to experience the sheer joy of  a selfless deed. In a world where people do not even think about humans this girl was genuinely concerned about street dogs. I guess there are certain things in life which keep you motivated and which keep your hope alive despite all the war, bloodshed, crimes and shallowness that you see in this world. In the end I want to quote something from the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” by Andy duffrene-:“hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”


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