Good Samaritan – Not So Good?

The Subhash Nagar area in Delhi witnessed an accident where a man was hit by a mini tempo. The driver of the vehicle fleed from the spot and the man lay on the street, severely injured.

What followed defines new levels of apathy by the citizens of our country!

It was a busy road. Hundreds of cars, motorcycles, cars and people passed by the man, but not one cared to help! The victim lied there for more than an hour.

Here is the video.

As you can clearly see, none of the people who stopped by to take a good look at the man lying there cared to take him to the hospital or give him first aid.

Worse still, the victim was ROBBED while he lay there on the street. A man walked up to him, picked up his phone that had fallen nearby and merrily LEFT the spot! YES! THAT HAPPENED!

According to some reports, some policemen went past that area but no one seemed to be paying heed to a man bleeding on the road!

This incident might not get the as much coverage in the mainstream media but highlights a highly disturbing reality of our society’s indifference towards others and a basic lack of humanity.

One can easily blame it on a lack of proper enforcement of laws that are meant to protect to the people who help the victims. But that is indeed not the primary reason. It takes a heart of stone to look at a person severely injured and then walk past them as if it is a regular and normal sight!

Have we become so insensitive that the sight of a dying man is not enough to shake our conscience?



Indeed, the Good Samaritan Law that was enforced a few months ago to protect the people who help the victims during such accidents. But very few people know about it.

Unfortunately, such people have had to face harassment at the hands of hospitals, police stations and courts in return for their noble deed.

Therefore the law aims to change the attitude of bystanders so that they get encouraged to help!

We need to create a positive atmosphere where people are encouraged and even trained to help others in such instances.


Here is how you can be the Good Samaritan!
If you come across such a situation and are not sure what to do, then first of all, DO NOT PANIC. If you have a vehicle that is enough to carry a victim to a nearby hospital, then quickly go ahead with it.

But when you are walking and do not have a vehicle, your first response should be to call the emergency numbers, the police, nearby hospital etc. Provide all information available to you.

Try to gather more people who can help you out in the situation. Try and regulate the traffic on that road, if any. Make the passers-by aware of what has happened and of course it does get some extra help your way.

Also, be careful that there is nothing around the victim that could harm you or more people.

Comfort the victim and provide immediate first aid if you happen to carry a kit. Try to calm the victim because the will be in a state of shock.

There is a lot you can do for your own people. Be the Good Samaritan! Go out there and HELP!

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