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Golff Vault 2.0’s New Launch On November 12, 2020


Golff is positioned as a one-stop services encrypted bank, and is being applied  as a DeFi aggregator platform. The product matrix includes liquidity mining, earning collection, financial enhancement insurance, the one-click aggregation lending service and more. The platform is committed to creating a transparent and free financial world. 

The crucial pain point that Golff solves in the current DeFi Market and to encourage new experience for users to participate.  First, “One-Stop” product experience lowers users’ threshold and allows users to smoothly complete the financing process. Second, in order to provide users with an experience that adapts to their respective cultures and habits, the platform is committed to make multi-version, localized product design.Third, Golff allows users to obtain financial benefits while also having social attributes and game-like experiences; thereby greatly improving user stickiness.Furthermore,  Golff is created as a full-service DeFi product, serving a full range of financial needs which includes liquidity mining, financial management, insurance, lending, derivatives, etc.  In the early stage, the platform started with liquidity mining to attract traffic and build a brand. But now Golff already has a large number of users and funds; therefore, it will focus more on DeFi products. Last but not least, Golff Earn Collection revenue aggregator, which can create value and build up the healthy financial system.  The platform has launched its products according to the roadmap step by step.  Up to now Golff mainly launches Golff Farm, Golff Vault 2.0. and more products will be coming up soon. 

About Golff Farm, the latest round of mining pool production has reduced by 45%, with a total of 60,000 GOF mined per week. The list of mining pools has been updated to GOF, Uni-V2 (GOF-ETH) and G-V2 Token.  It effectively reduces some users’ negative impact on GOF and encourages users to participate in the new Golff Vault products.  

Most excitedly, Golff Vault 2.0 and G-V2 Token Farm mining pool have been officially released on November 12, 2020. As we know, Golff Vault is a profit aggregator product that automatically selects the highest profit for users.  Golff Vault 2.0 version is upgraded on the basis of Golff Vault 1.0 version, which supports more tokens: BUSD, USDT, WETH, USDC, HBTC, and ETH. More supported tokens are gradually opening up, and all users are welcome to participate in mining. Vault 2.0 expands the “strike range”, supports the aggregation of more DeFi products, optimizes contract codes, and largely reduces participation fees. It also supports G-V2 Token mining, a token with double benefits. (GToken is upgraded to G-V2Token, and the original smart pool continues to maintain the GToken economic model operation). When a small number of users are transferred, they will not immediately go to the third-party target pool but will only go to the vault contract, and they will pass together until a certain threshold, so the handling fee is lower. The highest annualized return of Golff Vault 2.0 exceeds 300% and the product passed the audit of Knownsec.   

In addition, the Golff Vote product has finished development. It is a container for community governance, supporting users to initiate, publishing and voting proposals. It makes the community process more open and more transparent, helping to achieve the community autonomy. 

Golff is aimed to build the best user-friendly DeFi aggregator with the highest revenue. Vault 2.0 actually is a remarkable step towards our goal. More products will be released in future, to achieve Golff’s vision.  


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