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Go Waka Waka: Benefits Of Belly Dancing


By Rashi Mittal
We all love to see belly dancers. Their fancy costumes, the way they move their body and have a full control over it and the way they are familiar with the movements on every little beat. But do you think that’s it? Belly dancers aren’t just wiggling and jiggling their hips. They are getting an ab workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core – even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals. Here are few benefits this dance form can provide you with :-
1. Bellydance helps to build strong bones and muscles
Bellydance is considered as a weight-bearing exercise because you remain on your feet as you perform intricate movements. Weight-bearing exercises aid in preventing osteoporosis and  help to strengthen bones by increasing bone density. It also helps to tone all major muscle groups: neck, back, arms, hands, abdomen, thighs, legs, glutes, and calves. With proper posture and correct movements,  belly dancing extends the muscles to help release tension, particularly in the abs and back. This leads to strengthening the lower back and helping to prevent or ease back pain. The fast movements, primarily the hip and shoulder shimmies, offer cardiovascular benefits because it is a form of aerobic exercise that makes you break into a healthy sweat.
2. Belly dance is a low impact form of exercise
It doesn’t jolt or jar the body, making it very safe and unlikely to cause injury or damage to the joints. Belly dance works in harmony with the body, instead of against it, because it is based on movements that come naturally to the human form. The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck,  which all help to build a powerful core.
3. Belly dance provides aid in weight loss
Depending on the level of intensity, bellydancing can burn as much as 300 calories per hour. Combined with a healthy diet that involves a well-balanced meals and  proper nutritional supplements, bellydance can undoubtedly be part of a sound weight loss program.
4. Bellydance is a great way to reduce stress and tension
Smooth swaying, circular and flowing movements are comparable to a state of dance-like meditation, a session of slow, graceful dancing will clear the mind and induce a state of mental relaxation. The faster forms of belly dance are stimulating and fun, and a positive way of expressing frustrations.  Certain muscle isolations make you think about a movement before it is delivered by the body,  a higher sense of mental awareness is also needed. Fast combinations also help to increase mental concentration while appropriately matching beats and movements.
5. Belly dancing is empowering and helps to boost self-esteem
The movements of bellydance are artistic and feminine, which creates a positive feeling of confident sensual expression and freedom. With sensuality being a desirable quality for every woman, a dancer feels safe to explore the many beautiful ways the body can move. In the physical act of dancing with sensuality, the dancer frees herself both physically and emotionally. The body, which becomes increasingly  flexible, supple, and graceful through dance practice, literally learns to move more beautifully. Many dancers experience a heightened sense of elegance, grace, and poise when they dance.  This wonderful confidence remains and becomes part of the way one carries herself.
6.Belly dance is useful as part of prenatal care
A strong core helps for natural child-birthing. Bellydance movements make for an excellent prenatal exercise regimen that will strengthen the core muscles used during the childbirth process. Movements such as hip tucks and rocks are similar to the “pelvic rocking” exercises taught during prenatal classes and demonstrate to the expectant mother how to maneuver the pelvis. Bellydance discipline aims to emphasize muscle control that not only facilitates natural childbirth, but also makes an excellent post-natal exercise that helps encourage abdominal tone to quickly shed the excess pregnancy weight.
A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face, but a woman of strength wears grace. Go on and shimmy your way to health and well-being. Happy Dancing!


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