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Everything You Need To Know About Gnash, The Budding All-Rounder Musician


Ever heard of Gnash, with the g silent? No, I did not misspell Ganesh. Anyway, so he is neither a famous Victoria’s Secret model nor a President of some unknown island and nor a stand-up comedian!

You might have never heard of his name, so does the Wikipedia (


Earlier Career

Gnash also known as Garrett Charles Nash, is a Los Angeles-based producer and an underrated American DIY artist with more than 102k followers on Soundcloud. (

He started off as a DJ, combining music by singers and bands like The Weeknd and The Bright Eyes. He reimagined famous tracks like Robin Schulz ’s ‘Sugar’ and O.T. Genasis’ ‘Coco’, in 2014 adding the ‘Gnash’ element in them, making them exotic.

He released his debut extended play (EP),“u”, in March 2015 on Soundcloud. His second EP titled “us” was released in March 2016 with 50 million hits on Spotify already.

As mentioned earlier not many people know about him, however, he has got those small little blue ticks on social media platforms if we consider them the measures of his popularity. Quick Question – Still underrated, WHAT?

Achievements and Collaborations.

With those hippi glasses, almost Skrillex hairstyle and his nap enthusiast t-shirt, he sings amazing solo with Pop/Rock and R&B genres. His singing styles include Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative R&B, Lo-Fi Pop.

His song from his new album “us” “I hate you I love you” with Olivia O’Brien, yet another underrated American singer, which my friend says can beat Ellie Goulding, has peaked at number 78 on the Billboard Hot 100, number one in Australia and has got a place in iTunes already!

With already established American singers like Bruno, Eminem, JB, Adele, Cyrus, Taylor etc it is but natural to strive for recognition. However, this man has got the voice and a perfect smile too.

He has sung in collaborations with artists such as Compton rapper Buddy, Goody Grace, Liphemra, Wrenn, Mark Johns, Quin, and Rosabeales.


Why Gnash? 

Gnash is a happy man, with ostensibly a broken heart and enigmatic charm. By the seven-song “us” Gnash, described the emotive, downtempo “us” as his personal sonic journey through life’s ups and downs, breakups, self-discovery, searching for new experiences that ultimately leads to loving one’s self.

He sings almost on everything, right from phones to band-aids or oxytocin or his love-hate relationships. As a non-lyrical contemporary audience, people get captivated by the stuff he sings. His songs are succinct and make sense. He says he is here to tell us that we are not alone. He is here to give a voice to our abstract feelings, to all those who are afflicted by pain. Through his songs, he will evince the emotions, one generally does not realise.

He is a budding 22 years all-rounder bloke who sings, raps, composes and writes his own songs. Personally, his songs are my gym essentials. He has got an exotic voice which will definitely make you avoid the ‘skip’ button! I would give him a big thumbs up and recommend people to give his style a shot. After all isn’t JB too mainstream?


Yay or nay?

As a “Gnashian”, if ever he touches those heights, I would love to see him going places and winning stuff. But just like as a child I used to hide my favourite toy from my friends so that they can never have the same priced possession as I. Similarly, somewhere I still want him to stay an underrated American singer who has a lot of secret admirers who love his music when he’s still a nobody, but never get exposed to that world who’d love him once he’s famous.  :)

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Tanishka Khatana
Student At Lady Shri Ram College. Blogger at Economy Decoded. Gurgaon.



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