With each passing day, our country witnesses more and more coronavirus tragedies than one could ever imagine. There is no doubt that such a devastating time calls for everyone to do their part to help raise funds for those in need.

And to do their bit for society, creative folks — ranging from musicians, illustrators, comedians, writers — have come together to use their artistry and talent productively to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

Many of these artists offer fun and innovative items or things to those who donate to the charities or fundraisers they support. These include getting the chance to name a character in a graphic novel, free music beats, digital portraits, and so much more!

Here are some Indian artists you can support to lend a hand in the fight against the coronavirus.

Indian Artists Raising Funds For COVID Relief

One such artist who was raising funds by offering to draw a digital portrait of a donor or their pet was Divya Gupta (@divcookie), who is a Bangalore-based illustrator. Although her offer is now closed, she decided to draw these portraits for anyone who donated Rs. 1500 to the charities she mentioned in her post.

Sidin Vadukut, a columnist and writer, let donors pick the names of characters in his next graphic novel by donating to a charity of their choice, and in this way, he was able to raise nearly 1.75 lakhs in a 24-hour fundraiser.

Siddhanth Chordia, also known as The Convo, is a music producer from Pune who works to give out free beats that can be used for a rap or song to anyone who donates Rs. 2000 or more to the fundraiser.

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The project, started by Chordia called Breathe This Air, began as a small project, but in one week, it raised nearly Rs. 1.17 lakhs which is expected to go up to Rs. 8.8 lakhs by the end of this month.

Breathe This Air (@breathethisairproject) supports the provision of oxygen concentrators and cylinders to patients and hospitals. With a donation of Rs.5000 or more, you can even get a personalized beat based on your specifications.

Musician Arjun Vagale has also extended a helping hand by collaborating with 14 other artists to release a 14-track digital album called SOS on Bandcamp.

The funds raised through the sale of this album were directed towards Hemkunt Foundation, an organization that helps families get access to oxygen.

Ever wanted a collection of recipes from renowned chefs in India? The Goya Journal (@goyajournal) has now begun a fundraiser with the NGO Yuva to fight against hunger during the pandemic.

They offer a digital recipe book containing eight recipes from some of the best chefs in the country to those who donate.

Filmmaker and food researcher Shubhra Chatterjee (@historywali) has started a fundraiser lecture series called #HistoryOnA Plate, featuring scholars, researchers, and writers who work in the food space and chefs. The money raised through these lectures is donated to nonprofits working on COVID-19 relief.

Renowned comedian Vir Das also helped raise a whopping Rs.7 lakhs through his virtual gigs and gave free lifetime tickets to anyone who adopted Buddy, a dog who lost his owner to COVID-19.

From the photography sphere, we have Eight Thirty (@eight_thirty) which is a group of 9 women photographers offering their prints for sale until the 17th of May to raise funds for the following organisations: Athrout Kashmir, Khalsa Aid India and Premankur.

With so many creative and talented people offering exciting things to donors, it is truly heart-warming to see everyone extend a helping hand to those in need of resources and relief during this challenging time.

Make sure to support them and do your bit to create a difference during this pandemic!

Image Credits: Instagram

Sources: Conde Nast Traveller, Hindustan Times, Instagram 

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