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Games From My Childhood: 90’s Kids Had Better Games Than Today


Remember the time when we were little and had not a care in the world? Days would just breeze by and nights we wanted not! We wished that we could be up all night playing endless, reckless games with friends who were as stupid as us, ready to accept us for what we were. That was childhood.


Carefree, liberating and radiant!

That was what childhood was like when I was small. Rushing home from school, dumping my satchel, noisily munching away at my food and then, jumping over the terrace to reach my friend’s house. Those evenings and a new game every day!

Games which the children of the 21st century wouldn’t have heard about. Games which bring back so many nostalgic memories and moments I would do anything to relish again.


So as I leaf through the memories of my childhood, I invite you to take a look at the games I played too merrily, ignorant of the world outside:


1. Pakdam Pakdai:

Who else remembers running around the neighbourhood, shouting and screaming, like the Judgement Day had arrived and there was no escape?

And dodging the clutches of the ‘denner’ was the only goal of life paying no heed to the words of our mothers to be careful and not hurt ourselves.


2. Hide and Seek / Chupa Chuppi:

They were those years of our lives when we could fit inside any cupboard, under the beds or behind those flashy curtains without inviting suspicion. And playing this game was the only time when we could shut our mouths for some time.

But, oh, that giggling habit we had from what seems like forever which eventually got us caught. Seems like I am too old to play this game now!


3. Carrom:

Played individually by two to four players, this game would erode our patience, towards the end.

From missing shots to crying because we hit ourselves on the nail too hard, this game taught me that pain only makes the success sweeter and pain is a symptom of the disease of success.


4. Kite flying:

Though a dangerous game, it had its own share of thrill and excitement.

The feeling of competitiveness it evoked was on another level altogether (kinda like the India-Pakistan match for the adults) and the satisfaction you got when you ‘looted’ someone else’s kite was triumph you could brag about for days.


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5. Ludo:

The truth is, this was the longest game we played as children if we ever did play it.

Convincing your friends to battle it out with you in this game, was as big a task as getting the token open to play. But in the end, what was left was a game unplayed, to be honest, *I know it’s funny*

images (2)

6. Stapu / Hopscotch:

All you needed was a white chalk and a stone and you were good to go. The quicker you made it through the boxes, the more ‘swag’ you had amidst your friends.

But let’s not forget how hard it was to not step on the white lines and face the glaring faces of our friends.


7. Catch Catch:

This game was as dumb and easy as it sounds. Be focused and agile, and you shall play on, lose focus and out be gone! This game could be played anywhere except inside the house because our parents were busy shrieking that we would break something (I did break a lot of stuff actually).

I so wish I could live the days of the past again, happy about everything and cribbing about nothing! But this whole adulting thing got to me *cry cry*


Do share memories from your childhood in the comments.

Image Credits: Google Images

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