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Old Favourites Return And Uneasy Alliances Are Made In This Week’s Game Of Thrones


 “What drove you? 


Wow. That was one fine hour (almost) of television. After last week’s largely transitioning episode, Game of Thrones follows it up with much of the same, except with a bit more focused storytelling and one huge reveal (Which I saw a long time ago, FYI). This is Game of Thrones à la the best of seasons 2 and 3. So without further ado,


1. Fan theories: Season 6 of the world’s best TV show about dragons and twincest has all been about popular fan theories bearing some fruit, big or small and a lot of fan service to book readers.

This week seems to do so to a couple itself as we see what might be a confirmation of both the presumably upcoming Cleganebowl, and more surprisingly, Lady Stoneheart.


Yes, Sandor Clegane, the man with a face like half-burnt ham is back, broken and yet, very much alive. But, what did keep him alive? Arya’s token mercy? No. Hate, he says. Clegane may not have said it but, it’s plain to see whom that hate is for.

Now consider the Lady Stoneheart story, one I’d never thought I might see on the show. No, we haven’t seen any yet. But, the signs all point to the same. Everyone, I mean a whole lot of people are headed or are around Riverrun now. Jaime, Brienne, the Freys, Blackfish and more importantly, the Brotherhood without Banners. I haven’t known Ser Beric to go rogue slaughtering people. Unless, he isn’t the one leading the Brotherhood.

R.I.P Brienne?

2. The Rose: Last week, I had raised doubts on Margery’s real alliances and motivations. Fortunately, this week didn’t leave us the question for long as her poorly sketched rose to her grandmother was all the answer one needed. True to her nature, she’s playing the long game by hanging out with Septa Shame and discussing her sex life with the High Sparrow. It’s difficult to guess where this will take her but; I’d keep an eye on the doe-eyed queen.


3. Blackfish: How do you make a kickass entry after being gone for over two seasons? You call your opponent’s bluff and make the Kingslayer look bad in his shiny new armour. And, he has a huge castle to boot.

Blackfish – 1, Jaime – 0.


4. Right-hands:  Whether it is Ser Davos giving another effective monologue on righteous candidacy (Didn’t work out well last time, did it Davos?) or it is Bronn being Bronn, it has been a good week for de facto right hands serving lords with none of their own, and some who are very bad at small talk.


“If they are half as fierce as their Lady, the Boltons are doomed.” I agree. I’d hate to be on the wrong side of Lyanna (Yes, Lyanna) Mormont.

5. Volantis tourism: It’s a long journey from Westeros to Slaver’s Bay. Need some rest and refreshment? Stop by at Volantis for the finest wine from the Arbour and the choicest women from Lys.

Oh, and the Greyjoy children are heading to Meereen with a thousand ships. Again, called it.


1. Kingslayer: It’s bad enough that you don’t have a right hand. It’s worse that you have been dismissed from the Kingsguard. And the fact that Jaime is still into his sweet sister takes the cake (I for one, prefer Book Jaime. Always). A new week doesn’t bring him any good news either. He fluffs badly at the parley with the Blackfish and now, as next week’s preview suggests, we might see him laying a siege on Riverrun (Bad idea). Seven save Jaime.

But hey, at least he has Bronn.


2. Cleganebowl: Now that I have calmed down, I understand that with only three episodes left this year, I doubt we’ll see Sandor take on both the Brotherhood and the Mountain this season.

That is, assuming Sandor survives his parley with the new Brotherhood.

3. Arya: Last week was the best Braavos has ever been. This week barely matches up to it, thanks largely to the handful of time given to it this week. And yet, we have an Arya being cocky, stupid and possibly, fatally injured. It would seem that a year of training has amounted to nothing.


4. The Starks: A shade under 3000 men, including wildlings, 62 Mormont men, the Hornwoods and other lesser houses. And, the Glovers won’t negotiate with either you, Lord Snow, or you Lady Sansa, and not even Ser Davos. Is that enough to beat the Boltons? No, but Littlefinger already knew that, didn’t he?

Also, Lord Snow has Wun Wun at his side. Here’s to Wun Wun going all ‘puny God’ on Ramsey.

Some stray thoughts: Hello, Mr. Ian McShane. Goodbye, Mr. Ian McShane

Missing In Action: Dany, Laurel and Hardy in Meereen, Jack the Ripper, Dorne

Scene of the week: Bronn shutting off Jaime’s reiteration of House Lannister’s famous words.

Here’s the preview for what looks like an exciting episode next week on Game of Thrones,

Until next week,

Hodor. Always.

Image Sources: Google Images

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Jibin Mathew George
Jibin Mathew George
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