July 19: Imran Khan, the founder of Hiara, is set to make a big name in the Silver Jewellery market, he started out in 2019. Belonging from a real estate family and commerce education background, Imran has always been one to grab the opportunity. With the sole objective of making jewellery an inexpensive treasure and to include silver as daily adornment, Imran launched Hiara (https://hiarajewels.com/) in January 2019. 

The phenomenal 925 Silver Jewellery brand has a wide range of sophisticated jewellery designs in rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Some bold and striking designs also paves way for some exceptional jewellery masterpieces unlike anywhere else. 

What Inspired Hiara:

The trend-setting and creatively blessed youth, Imran Khan, has always been passionate about Jewellery and fashion industry.

Imran shares, “Haider had just returned from his US business trip when he told me about his trip’s biggest highlight. He had seen the JOGS Jewellery Show held in Tucson, Arizona. The show showcased some exceptionally attractive Silver Jewellery pieces with stones engraved on them. That’s when I knew I had the silver opportunity to follow by starting up my unique and daily wear 925 Silver Jewellery business.” 

He launched the 925 Silver Jewellery brand to provide long-lasting and durable daily wear jewellery to Indian women. Why? Because wearing expensive gold and diamond ornaments is very risky today. Fear of losing or getting the jewellery snatched is a big issue in their minds. And wearing expensive ornaments daily can seriously tarnish their vibe. So, silver jewellery makes the best option.

Coming out of the real estate and commerce business, Imran has been pretty blessed. The pink city resident always knew he could do better in an independent yet artistic business. His great potential always urged him to make a name for himself. Following his heart has given Imran the right direction in life.  

Setting Trends:

Hiara is known for its unique design of silver jewellery with their tagline as “Luxury made affordable.” The price range of most of their products varies between 899 INR to 4999 INR. With three-level quality checks, you can only expect the best jewellery to be shipped to your door step with no additional delivery charges, across India. 

Most customers claim they have an exceptional on-time delivery service and post-sale customer management. Their website is also quite user-friendly and comes with order tracking feature. Promotional features such as emails and SMS also keep their customers updated about the latest designs and offers. 

Today, Hiara is a renowned name in the Indian Jewellery industry and has become the most trusted D2C brand as well. 

Where they stand today:

Hiara first commenced business with only 100K savings. Over the years, they have tremendously scaled up their business. From 30k sales per month to over 1 million sales in just 24 months, definitely marks a landmark for them. Their online platform is being visited by over 75k users every single month.

Despite the COVID-19 escalation and the worsening pandemic impact on businesses, Hiara sales have shot up as much as 5X times in the financial year 2020-21. 

Now, you can easily find Hiara collection of silver jewellery at their website as well as Nykaa Fashion. The beauty and fashion online shop app, Nykaa has a vivid and enchanting collection of silver jewellery sourced from Hiara. 


Shortly, Hiara plan on launching its very own app for its customers. They plan on expanding their business to the North American jewellery market because that’s where, Imran, found inspiration for launching his silver jewellery line. Hiara has some big plans to add a new range of jewellery. They will also be more open to collaborating with social media influencers to get this brand to their target audience faster. Learn more about them on their website: https://hiarajewels.com/.


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