The tussle between autorickshaw drivers and cab aggregators especially Rapido in the city of Bengaluru is not unknown.

In fact, the enmity has been going on for years now, in fact just recently in December of 2022 Bengaluru auto drivers held a protest rally opposing the license issued to Wicked Ride by the Karnataka transport department that allowed them to provide e-bike taxi services in the state.

Now once again the issue is coming up with the viral clip doing the rounds where an auto driver is physically and verbally harassing a Rapido taxi biker near the Indiranagar metro station.

In the video, supposed to have been taken on demand of the auto driver himself, he is seen to be stopping the rider, moving as if to slap him, throwing the pillion rider’s helmet on the ground and damaging it and verbally assaulting him all to talk about the so-called ‘illegal’ operations of ‘whiteboard two-wheeler bike taxis’.

The Viral Video

The viral video was posted by Twitter user @freedomlore1, however, it is not yet clear who the actual person is that made the recording in the first place.

The video posted on 5th March 2023 went viral pretty quickly, with people becoming extremely angry over the abusive and almost gangster-like behaviour shown by the autorickshaw driver toward the Rapido bike driver.

The video as per translations has the auto driver saying things like “Rapido bikes are operating illegally. This foreigner is riding Rapido bikes in the city without any fear. This shows how bad our auto (transport) department is. This foreigner was giving a ride to a lady even though he has a white number plate.”

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He supposedly also said that “Friends, take a look at how the illegal Rapido business is happening. This fellow has come from other country and drives around like a king. You should understand how spoilt auto department has become and how badly the department is getting treated. He is from some other country, but has come to pick up a girl despite having a white number plate.”

The words like ‘foreigner’ and ‘some other country’ seemingly target how the bike rider seems to be from the northeast, however, that is not confirmed yet.

The Bengaluru City Police’s official Twitter account did reply to this video stating that the Indiranagar Police Station is investigating into this matter and that “strict and necessary action will be taken”.

Twitter user @___alitheia___ replied to this video saying “People like him give a bad image of kannadigas to everyone. They think all of us behave like this. That poor guy looked petrified. Nobody should go through that and what does mean by a lady? Is the rules different for men and women customers? Gutter level values!”

Another user @iamadikorn replied that “Oh auto drivers are the biggest crooks . They will demand 100 to 200 rupees extra with no logic. They will refuse to put meter . This auto driver should be behind the bars for taking law into his own hands. He’s even destroyed private property of that person riding rapido.”

Another user actually commented on how this is common to see near the Indiranagar metro station writing “this is the same auto driver cartel that hangs out at Indiranagar metro station. They have for years refused to ply and charged excess fare. This is right opposite Indiranagar Police Station but @BlrCityPolice has never taken any action on this gang.”

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