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All of us in our lives find it difficult to choose which part of our life is the beat- adulthood or childhood. Both have their fair share of pros and cons.

Today, our bloggers Anjali and Himanshi fight out what is better, Childhood or Adulthood.

Why blogger Anjali Tripathi thinks Childhood is better?

Remember the times when you came back home after a good time at the playground and would be ready to watch the next episode of your favourite cartoon?

All of us miss those carefree days when the hell-heaven were distant concepts, would be painted with rosy tint and everything seemed near-to-perfect. At that time we were eager to grow as soon as possible but when we have grown up, we miss those magical days.

1.     Stress-Free Life

At that point in time, there wasn’t any stress about work or career. Our notebooks used to be filled with dreams of becoming either a lawyer or a pilot or anything we fascinated to become but when adulthood struck, the struggle to reach those dreams started, thus, bringing for us a great amount of stress and tension.

The only tension we had in mind was regarding homework, but now we have all kinds of deadlines, career problems, exams, relationship stress and what not.

2.    More Family Time

Reaching home at odd hours has many drawbacks, one of which is not having enough time for our family. For all of us adults, it is true to say that we reach home and get back to work, in other words, we reduce our “Family Time” which in every family is important.

The time we used to spend in our childhood with our mom and dad listening to stories and folklore is now spent in listening to our bosses screaming and our colleagues ranting.

3.    No Relationship and Trust Issues

When we were kids, there were no issues regarding relationships, friends and social circle. Rather, there was nothing like a social circle, everyone we met was our friend; there were no dark and ugly sides of people.

However, adulthood changed the scenario 180 degrees. Now, friends are not true friends, everyone has a hidden motive, relationships fall and rise adding to career stress and trustworthiness is rare to find. Life is way more miserable now and that is not how we wanted to grow!

4.    No Cartoon

Though Sitcoms and shows are a lot of fun, they cannot be matched with the contentment of running from school to home to see our favourite cartoon.

It may be that whatever we want to watch is now at our beck and call but the wait for the latest episode of our favourite cartoon is one which we may never be able to experience again.

It is rightly said that the time gone is the golden time, we may never get it again but we will always miss it.

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Why blogger Himanshi Parihar thinks Adulthood is better?

Life as a kid is rosy and carefree, but life goes on and you have to grow up. Life as an adult may not be perfect, but being an adult has its own benefits.

1.    It’s my life

A kid’s life is largely a sum total of his/her parents or guardians decisions. From eating habits to TV time, from which school to attend to where to travel, kids have to ask their parents.

When you’re an adult, the steering wheel of your life is in your hand.

What to change your diet? Do it! Want to travel to distant places? Go travel! Want to change your house? Change it! Of course, most of these are the things are possible when you are a wage-earning adult, but one has to grow up in order to start earning.

The decisions made by an adult are not always independent in an absolute sense. Extrinsic factors play a role and then being a social animal, us humans rely on many people.

Still taking the final decision is in our hands. For instance, you may consult your parents before moving to a different location, but still, the final decision will be taken by you.

2.    Consciousness

Honestly, I don’t remember much from my childhood. Though every act was carefree, I was not accountable for my deeds. That was probably because my level of self-realization was low as a child, I was not self-conscious.

Group of teenagers talking with addiction counselor

Not that I have a photographic memory now, nor do I act ‘as an adult’ all the time. But by and large, I am self-aware and to me, this is way better than being ‘carefree’.

3.    Not a burden

Though children are a country’s future, talking of the present, they come under the unproductive population. When you are an adult, you are not a burden on your parents or your country (i.e. if you are a productive person). You can contribute to society, do things that can change the world and make it a better place.

Not every adult is contributing and not every child is a burden, there are grey areas but that too is in your hands.

Growing up is inevitable, and that is the reality. We cannot be Peter Pan and fly to Neverland.

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