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Blogger Yameena’s views

Many people speculate a millennial’s work ethic and label them as lazy, careless and entitled. The boomer and the Gen X people have an aversion towards the millennial work style.

When it comes to working, I believe millennials have their own style.

We are more flexible with our approach towards work which is why we are often looked down upon by our seniors.

Procrastination Increases Productivity

Deadlines are a nightmare in corporate culture but it’s not the same for a millennial.

A millennial isn’t afraid of an approaching deadline as s/he knows how to tackle it by increasing his/her productivity. If we choose to procrastinate then we also know how to cover it up which gives us the grit to complete the work in less time.

We Have Internet And We Know How To Use It

We are the tech-savvy generation that has the world available at our fingertips. It’s a great power to have and when used intelligently can produce extraordinary results.

Millennials are quick learners who don’t waste time in comprehension. We follow a selective work approach and are focused on the outcome rather than the process.

That’s why some people call us impatient and reckless but we millennials see it as an alternate way to save time and effort.

Lastly, a millennial’s work style is often considered poor and rash but it’s a flawed notion.

We prioritise happiness over everything else and would never prefer to work at a place where we don’t want to.

We are the smart generation that understands the ‘how much’ and ‘when to’ of the corporate culture and aren’t afraid to break the stereotypes revolving around work ethics.

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Blogger Rashmi’s Views:

Millennials have poor work ethics

Only a handful of people remain who would want to take the hard work road to success. We millennials want it all quickly and we don’t want to come out of our comfort zones. If you observe carefully, our previous generation went through a much more exhausting routine, and we make fun of it.

Those days are gone when a research project was done with the help of books because internet has it all in just a few clicks. Moreover, some just buy projects instead of doing it themselves.

Not Taking Charge Of Their Actions

The count of successful people is going down drastically and we blame the government for it most of the time. But do we not realize that our work ethic is very poor and that is what is leading to the lack of proper employment?

The “get rich quick” courses online are ones that take money and teach you things you already know. Poor work ethics always cloud what we already know and then we become suckers for such courses.

From personal experience, my seniors gave me their assignments to write, not because they were seniors, but because they were lazy.

Blame It On Technology’s (Mis)Use

Smartphone – what was intended to be a blessing has actually become a way to get everything on a silver platter without moving your body, and such a work ethic is never going to lead to any kind of success, no matter how big or small.

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