FlippED : Is Buying And Selling Of Human Babies, Justified? Our Bloggers Fight It Out!

Buying and selling babies is currently illegal in almost every corner of the world due to arguments like violation of basic human rights and fear of child abuse.

But what if a legalized framework of rules is put into place so that this transaction of human babies becomes safe? Would you still oppose it, thus denying the freedom of choice of any given individual?

So today, we discuss the two sides of the argument of buying and selling babies and if a legalized system can ensure a fluid system of transactions in this case. Read on!

“In my opinion, buying and selling of babies can never be justified on any grounds whatsoever!”

~ Yogita Rathore.

So you come at me and tell me that buying and selling of babies should be legalized and I’m supposed to buy that?

I mean, what kind of a sick human being are you? You produce a kid of your own and then sell it for a sum of money and worse, try to justify it morally by using excuses like you were in need of the money? Is the human life really that cheap that it can now be used a preventive monetary measure to make yourself secure?

In my opinion, whether a family is in dire need of money or whether they sell a baby because they feel they aren’t able to take care of it, nothing whatsoever can justify this heinous act.

I mean for all you know, you might be selling your kid to someone who doesn’t want to parent the child but who plans to use the child for some other ulterior motive such as pre-adolescent labor work, spare body organs for another child or for sexual harassment or trafficking?

And think about the violation of human rights in this scenario. You’re gambling on human life right after its birth with no possible guarantee of its safety in the near or distant future.

Legalizing something like this is a gross violation of basic human rights. Something like this takes back to that era of slavery and bondage, where people bought and sold slaves for services best known to them.


Also, legalizing the trade of human babies can even give birth to another money-making industry altogether, where women are forced to bear children one after another, just to make money.

This will further navigate into strengthening the already existing patriarchal routine in our country and result in the vehement failure of initiatives which are working on saving the girl child. Little girls will be sold for pennies and they might just end up in wrong hands.

To sum it up, buying and selling of kids shouldn’t be legalized at all. For those parents who aren’t blessed with capabilities to produce a child always have ways to adopt or have a baby through surrogacy, IVF, etc. but something like this shouldn’t be legalized, no matter what.


“Before you tell me that buying and selling babies violates basic human rights, just think about how much money some poor woman could make based on a legalized system of monetary guardianship?”

~ Sahib Singh.

Now, before you let the idea of forced labor and human trafficking scare you, think about a basic general legalized system where parents are allowed to sell guardianship rights of their children to a CHILDLESS couple but with a condition that this can be done ONLY FOR A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF TIMES, SAY 2 or 3?

This will not only curb the dwindling adoption scenario where parents prefer new-born babies to be adopted, thus meeting their demands with a proper supply but with further regulations and background checks involved, a proper legal system can make sure nothing wrong happens to the child.

Now, when you con terms like child sexual harassment or sexual abuse, that argument is rendered null because this will be a system which will greatly end the prerogative of the adoption centres or selective foster care homes as women or parents who wish to sell their children will have total control over the situation.

This move will also be a huge benefit for single mothers, who can legally sell their children to couples in need of babies and the single parent can now make good use of the money.

The development of a legal framework around buying and selling babies needs to be looked upon with pragmatism and practicality rather than overstated melodramatic emotions.

And even if arguments about human emotions are to be made, think about how many childless couples you can help and how many children you can prevent from going to orphanages. It’s not as if only the sale of the baby will put him/her in the danger of sexual abuse because even the dumbest of people know the situation of children in orphanages and the ordeals and harassment they face there.

So before going ape shit as to how the current system is perfect and flawless, thin about how many lives you can save, how you can improve the infant health rate by 3rd party engagement on a legal forefront and how many unplanned and un-aborted pregnancies can actually find new homes and have a chance at life after a single monetary transaction.

Think outside the box, think progressive.

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