With the world lauding India’s efforts into building vaccines, Tejas is now in the radar for indigenous prowess across the world platform.

The Vaccines Rolled Out

With the Government following a “vaccine” diplomacy in the world forum, India has exported COVAXIN to Mongolia, Oman, Myanmar, Philippines, Bahrain, Maldives and Mauritius and Covishield to Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Seychelles as a part of immediate response system to COVID-19. 

COVAXIN and Covishield

As a part of a goodwill gesture, all of these exports were free of cost. India has also sent 1 lakh doses of the vaccine to Oman and has plans on sending another lakh to Barbados, 2 lakh doses to Nicaragua, 70,000 doses to Dominica and 1.5 lakh doses to Mongolia. 

Apart from the goodwill gestures, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Bangladesh combined have contracted purchases of over 33 lakh vaccines from India. Egypt, Kuwait, UAE and Algeria have purchased the vaccines and are on the commercial export list.

The UN Covax initiative has seen India pledge to sell 100 lakh doses of vaccine. The UN has also been in the talks for 4 lakh vaccines for its workers all around the world. 

Defence Is Now Indigenous

Inaugurating Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s second LCA-Tejas production line in Bengaluru, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that India can’t be dependent on other countries for its defence.

Tejas is not only indigenous but also exceeds several performance parameters and beats the cost while doing so. 

HAL Tejas Mk2

The delivery of the Tejas LCA to the defence under an INR 48,000 deal will begin from March 2024. There will be 16 jets produced annually until the completion and supply of 83 jets.

Furthermore, Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, R. Madhavan said recently that a number of countries have shown notable interest in the acquisition of Tejas and the first order might be incoming within a couple of years. 

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What This Means

The world looks towards India as a leader in the response against coronavirus pandemic. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has expressed his gratitude towards the goodwill gesture shown by India, and it does not stop there. 

Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, also tweeted to India and our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for the continued support to the COVID-19 response.

This implies that India has taken a very important step towards becoming a force to be reckoned with. With India vying for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council, these gestures have won the goodwill of major partners across the world. But whether these actions based on humanitarian grounds break ground in the state of world politics is yet to be seen

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Sources: News18, Reuters, The Hindu

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