A married woman is obligated to put a bindi on her forehead, according to Hindu Dharma. But with the changing times, it has been regarded as just another stereotype that was imposed on females by men to have control over them.

On March 8, 2023, which is widely marked as International Women’s Day all around the globe, BJP MP S. Muniswamy was caught on camera tearing into a woman shopkeeper for not having a bindi on her brow, at the inauguration of an art exhibition in Kolar.

Incident In Detail

A Karnataka BJP Member of Parliament, S. Muniswamy, recently went viral on social media for reprimanding a female vendor on International Women’s Day, because she was not wearing a bindi on her forehead.

Representing the Kolar constituency in the Lok Sabha, Muniswamy was invited to the inauguration of an art exhibition in Kolar to honor the auspicious occasion of Women’s Day. There he is seen shouting at a woman shopkeeper of a clothing stall for not applying a bindi on her temples.

Muniswamy told the woman, “Wear a bindi first. Your husband is alive, isn’t he? Do you have no common sense?” 

A group of BJP members who accompanied S. Muniswamy to the art exhibition not only supported him when he was insulting the female shopkeeper but also participated in the snub.

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Social Media Reaction 

After a video of the incident was shared on the internet, it went viral and generated a lot of criticism and bitter reactions. Women activists, opposition parties, netizens, and the general public were infuriated with the Kolar MP’s audacity to demean a woman on International Women’s Day.

Making it to the headlines, S. Muniswamy and his remarks have become a center of attraction on social media too. Social media users are attacking him for his statement, questioning who he was to say such a thing.

Congress Slams BJP

Congress MP Karti P. Chidambaram, said on Twitter, “The @BJP4India will turn India into a “Hindutva Iran”. The Ayatollahs of the BJP will have their version of the “Moral Police” patrolling the streets.”

The Congress Party slammed the BJP MP and heavily trolled him on social media, saying that these incidents only “reflect the culture” of the BJP members.

Karnataka BJP MP, S. Muniswamy

Karnataka Congress also tweeted, “BJP MP is questioning why is a woman not wearing a bindi. Before questioning women, BJP should answer why the party had not demanded compensation for floods? Why no questions on pending GST dues? Why no questions raised when injustice is meted out to Karnataka and Kannadigas?”

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