In a realm where talent meets opportunity, filmmaker Kashyap Bhadani has emerged as a rising luminary, navigating the intricate lanes of cinema as a leading 1st Assistant Director. His journey, marked by collaborations with renowned artists such as Diljit Dosanjh, Shubh, and Amrit Mann, paints a narrative of dedication and rapid acclaim.

Bhadani’s recent stint as the 1st Assistant Director alongside esteemed artist Diljit Dosanjh and emerging talent Shubh has not only added another laurel to his burgeoning portfolio but also catapulted his name to prominence in the vibrant tapestry of the entertainment industry.

The synergy between Bhadani and Dosanjh for the songs “LOVER”, “CASE”, and “FEEL MY LOVE”   has been hailed as nothing short of electric, with their collaboration giving rise to cinematic visuals that resonate deeply with audiences. Bhadani’s astute direction and creative vision have seamlessly intertwined with Dosanjh’s artistic finesse, birthing projects that transcend boundaries and captivate viewers. The Songs were huge success gaining Top Positions on Billboard Charts. 

This ascent to prominence hasn’t been an overnight feat for Kashyap Bhadani. His relentless pursuit of perfection and an unyielding passion for the craft have been the guiding forces behind his meteoric rise. From his humble beginnings, Bhadani has diligently honed his skills, earning recognition for his unwavering commitment to storytelling and filmmaking.

Bhadani’s notable collaborations extend beyond Diljit Dosanjh. His repertoire includes working with Amrit Mann for his song “Bismillah”, another luminary in the Punjabi music scene, where Bhadani’s directorial prowess has amplified Mann’s musical narratives, creating a visual symphony that resonates with fans worldwide. And has gained over 80M+ Views on YouTube. 

Furthermore, his collaboration with the emerging talent, Shubh for his Song “CHEQUE” has showcased Bhadani’s ability to foster new voices, infusing his projects with freshness and innovation while nurturing the next generation of artistic brilliance. Which gained a huge commercial success and received 114M + Views on YouTube.

This exponential rise to fame and recognition in the industry underscores Kashyap Bhadani’s unwavering dedication and his ability to seamlessly orchestrate the vision of artists into captivating visual experiences.


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