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When Fashion Meets Art!




The fashion and the art world have always gone hand in hand but as Vogue, India said, “Never before has the synergy of art and fashion been as dynamic and dramatic as the present.” Since my passion for art is second only to that for fashion, I have listed down a few of my favourite art movements below. These are the movements that have had immense influence on fashion, as I have shown below.

Minimalism: This “less is more” movement was based on removing all superfluous elements to bring out the essence of the object in focus. This movement has shaped fashion to become what it is today. Coco Chanel pioneered minimalism in fashion, while designers like Jil Sander, Calvin Klein have always been advocates of this timeless style. Simple, basic and elegant is how I would describe minimalistic fashion.




Pop Art:  Derived from popular culture, this movement focussed on bold pop colours and a comic like drawing. The subjects were famous celebrities and popular objects like the Coca-Cola bottle.When this bright style translates into fashion, the result is mind blowing. Raf Simons is a fan, are you?


Surrealism: This movement focussed on painting unreal subjects like flying monkeys and melting clocks. These paintings have a certain disturbing and haunting quality about them. “Ugly beautiful” is how I would describe it. How it comes into fashion? Think Lady Gaga and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

surreal f

Op Art: Optical art plays with geometric shapes and lines to create amazing optical illusions like depth and curves. When it translates into fashion, the result is uber chic and ultra modern outfits. Although op art does not have much potential to be further exploited by fashion, it remains one of my favourites because of its modern looks.

op art







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