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Fashion Designers & Politicians: We Get You Another Unusual Comparison


By Hitee Singh

Fashion designers apply their art to make a garment or any accessory aesthetically appealing. Politicians apply their art to make themselves look good in the public eye. Belonging to the opposite ends of the social scale there are more similarities in them than meets the eye.

1. Change is the only constant in their lives

It’s strange how their profession relies on the certainty of the unknown. Fashion is such a craft so intolerable that we have to change it every six months. Politics is such that it changes with every second. With so many intangible variables in place both of them rely on their instincts to decide their next move.

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2. College? They can do without it.

One of many professions where your qualification is not such a big issue. Politicians’ only qualification is that they manage to con a bunch of people to vote for them. Why do designers need to even study? Creativity isn’t taught at school.


3. To survive, they need the art of each other

In order to sell his or her or their (it is so confusing these days) haute couture they rely on the art of politics to influence people. Politicians rely on designer clothes to come across as fashionable, sophisticated Homo sapiens even though they may not conduct themselves in the same manner.

3 (1)

4. Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools

They twist the facts when blowing their trumpet while canvassing or when bad mouthing a fellow colleague. They will leave no stone unturned to project themselves as the better, superior choice. One will appeal to you by highlighting your fortunes and the other will try to buy you by using your misfortunes.

4 (1)

5. Perishable

Their expiry date is not decided by their manufacturing date but by the time they stop performing. The moment they stop being in demand, they are out of business.

5 (1)

6. Overrated

They are given way too much credit for their work. Designers sell their pieces in millions just because a very inconveniently stitched garment has their name on it. What would our nation be without these politicians? I know, better.

6 (1)

7. Publicity is like the air we breathe

Both of them thrive on publicity. They cannot imagine their lives without one or two hang around journos around them. Designers sometimes embarrass us and politicians make us grasp for air.

7 (1)

8. Hold cards close to their chest

Both of them are secretive and paranoid, conducting their craft clandestinely and still want the world to be their stage. They are right here just hiding behind their clones.

8 (1)

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