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Fake Friendly Friday With The Snapchat Darling – Tanmay Bhat


Fake Friendly Fridays is a section where we pick a personality who is a darling of the media (even social media) for a few days and hold a fake interview with them that gives all answers that you wouldn’t get to hear in reality! Why? Because it is fake. Duh!  


Welcome everyone to another edition of Fake Friendly Fridays. Today we Roast the Roaster, who has already been roasted too much by the country i.e. Tanmay Bhat.


Because the man has dared to come up with another Snapchat video.
Snapchat really owes half of its users to this man!
In this video he hits back at people who propagate a certain hate culture which he says, stems out of their own insecurities.

So Mr. Tanmay! How does it feel to introduce a form of comedy in this country over which people got horribly offended and later used it on you giving you a taste of your own medicine?
Roasted!!!!! People could really grab delicious and fleshy leg pieces out of me!

After the overwhelming love showered on you for the Snapchat story where you mimicked Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, are you so scared of humans that you think insects would understand you better?
Absolutely! Because they do not file FIRs you know.

Insects always welcome you by saying “Hummmmmmmmm saath saath hain”. Humans sting very hard! I guess there is role play going on!

What makes you the successful comedian that you are?
Let’s say, my size, because people tend to laugh at that more than my jokes.
Then my snapchat stories, because they got me more publicity than On Air With AIB!

You have made a series of Honest videos. After your experiments with Snapchat, would you like to make a gig on Honest Snapchat?
Indeed! It will talk about how snapchat filters are extremely useful for getting free publicity over farmer suicides, droughts, LGBT rights and communal tensions.

Well, you even dared to make a video on feminism. Oh yes, how dare you?
Because I am one of those very few who understand it!

BINGO! So are you planning to come up with new stuff for YouTube or you are happy with the Snapchat publicity coming your way?
Shiv Sena aur MNS ki kripa hui to aage badhte rahenge.

Oh that reminds me, why is it that when people like SRK, Aamir or you make certain statements, people book your tickets for Pakistan? What’s the obsession?
See the thing is, we call ourselves a democracy but when we behave like this, we drift away from the basic tenets of it. So, although we would want to behead the people who offend our ‘sentiments’ but we are tied to the term ‘largest democracy’. Hence, we can’t put our pure and pious thoughts to action. So who can be entrusted with carrying forward the baton? Pakistan!

Aap to senti ho gaye Sir! Okay, so according to you, will good comedy content only be restricted to YouTube or we can hope to see some good humour on the big screen as well?
Comedy will never cease to exist here, madam!
Gajendra Chauhan to teach the art of making films.

Chetan Chauhan to hit a sixer with the costumes.

Chetan Bhagat to write the stories.

Pahlaj Nahlani is there to censor.

Shirish Kunder to steal and direct.

Kapil Sharma to act in them.

Comedy will never stop, whether in the movies or outside! All thanks to these people!

Hahahaha! Many thanks, Mr. Bhat for taking time out of your Snapchat schedule to talk to us. We sign off from here and wish to see more of you in future, and I am not talking about your body. No body shaming!

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Navneet Arora
Punjabi demeanor. Borderline introvert. Feminist. Amidst the hyperactive screamers, a patient listener. Big Bollywood Fan. Day-dreamer. Loves sexual innuendos. Budding Filmmaker. Sarcastic blogs are her thing. Follow her and you will know!



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