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Facebook Will Soon Let You Type What You Are Thinking


The most difficult thing about using the internet is that no matter how advanced it gets we still have to put our thoughts into coherent words if we want to get results from it.

Be it Google searches, informal chats or just trying to find something, everywhere we have to use very particular words in order to get our point across.

For a long time, many of us have dreamed of a future when technology can just read our mind and get the information needed. Without us having to type it all out.

Well, that time is no longer that far away as Facebook seems to be working on a technology that will make thought-to-text a reality.

And no, this is not an April fool’s prank, instead is a very real thing that Facebook has revealed at their F8 Conference this year.


What Exactly Is Facebook Trying To Do?

While voice-to-text was a step in this direction it was more a nuisance than help as many times words were not typed out correctly, or the speed was slow and a number of other reasons. This made the voice-to-text technology a seldom used one.

Also, you get really weird looks if you try it standing in the middle of a busy metro or in class. Just not worth it.

Facebook, on the other hand, as per reports from the conference, has 60 of its engineers working on developing a brain-computer interface that will allow you to type out words by just thinking them.

While this technology is already available mostly for the disabled or paralyzed people who are unable to use their hands to type, it requires a brain implant to be put in your brain by surgery.

Now the common public will probably not be down with getting a surgery just to be able to avail this technology. Keeping that in mind, Facebook is apparently working to develop a way to use optical imaging that will scan your brain 100 times per second and will detect the words you want typed.

The research that is taking place in Facebook’s R&D Building 8 also has brought on board scientists from prestigious universities like UC Berkely and John Hopkins.

According to Facebook this brain-based typing will be about 5 times faster than the normal speed of typing and will be able to type out about 100 words per minute.

The project is being led by Regina Dugan who not only headed Google’s Advanced Technologies and Project Labs but also the govt. agency called Defence Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA before joining Facebook.

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But What Will Be The Repercussions Of This Technology?

While it does seem like a dream come true to not have to type anymore, this technology also raises concerns over how ethical it is going to be.

And what if the technology is used to catch something private and intrusive without the person knowing about it?

What if the technology leaks out important information while being used? What if the technology is hacked by nefarious sources?

Facebook introducing this technology sure seems really advanced however they would have to take a lot of steps in order to keep their users safe from harm of any kind.

Image Credits: Google Images

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