India is a nation where there is an ample workforce. Internet penetration in our nation has been continuously rising thanks to the ongoing digitalization process. Most of the people in India have access to smartphones and social media nowadays. Businesses, schools, hospitals, political parties, etc. all are making use of digital marketing for their benefits. As against traditional marketing, digital marketing has some benefits that make it more effective and affordable. That’s why Ajit Kumar, a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert in India believes that digital marketing is going to thrive soon in India. 

Ajit has been working in the digital marketing field for quite some time now. He has assisted some big names in the Indian business market such as the Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, DLF, and Amul with their digital marketing campaigns. So getting to know about the future of digital marketing in India from him is intriguing. 

Ajit says digital marketing is the most preferred means to promote a product or service in India today. This is because companies don’t have to send manpower physically for promotion purposes. Through digital marketing, they can engage wider audiences in a shorter time. Also, there is flexibility in being creative using digital marketing. Apart from business, many other industries are rapidly adopting digital marketing as they know it’s the only way for better returns. 

The government of India is also engaged in transforming the entire environment of public services by using digital marketing. Ajit thinks that the Digital India program launched by the government has played a key role in ensuring that digital marketing is here to stay in India.  There are digital employment programs in urban as well as rural areas. That is why digital marketing has proved to be a good career choice for many. There is a wide scope in the field now and even in the upcoming years.

Contrasting it and other marketing platforms, digital marketing is quite possibly the most moderate media to promote the product. Gone are the days when one was burning through thousands and lakhs n getting the ad imprinted in the newspaper. With digital media, it has gotten so natural. Making an ad on Facebook barely costs around ₹40 per day, which isn’t anything. The normal cost per click is ₹0.52 to ₹2.3. Spending just ₹40 per day instead of lakhs of rupees on a single ad can give great outcomes.

Another major reason why Ajit is of the view that digital marketing is going to grow in India is the increase in the number of internet users. The number of internet users in India was 259 million in 2015, and it rose to 331 million in 2017. As per predictions, this number will increase two-folds by the year 2022. So digital marketing is going to see a good future in the coming years. 

The scope is more extensive with regards to digital marketing in India. Digital Marketing has emerged as the most remarkable method of marketing in India. In any case, as the dynamics of digital marketing are changing each day, a digital marketer must be spry, ready, brilliant, and adapt to the most recent changes. Not just that, digital marketers of today and tomorrow should envision changes and execute their path sooner than the change occurs so exploit it.




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