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Eunion – the Clearing Expert in the Digital Finance


Estonia – In the year of 2013, Stanley J. Becker resolved the shortcomings of clearing capabilities in traditional financial industry and founded Eunion based on his profound understanding of blockchain technology and traditional financial industry. Eunion Trade blockchain technology allows the excellent transaction expert teams to complete work efficiently and improve work efficiency.

Eunion’s reputation is growing rapidly and globally, we are honored to have an interview session with CEO of Eunion, Mr Stanley J. Becker. Let us take this opportunity to learn more about Eunion’s latest developments.

1) Everyone is saying that 2020’s financial market is an unknown. What do you think?

Stanley J. Becker: Indeed, overall, the market is more uncertain than ever in this year. No one knows what is going to happen next second. The panic in the market is even higher than before. I think that 2020 is an extraordinary year, but as you can see, in the end of the third quarter, our Eunion Trade has created more than 600% wealth gains for individual investors with its perfect trading characteristics. Eunion Trade’s efficient and accurate operation has also become the clearing system of choice for major digital currency exchanges. From this point of view, I am personally quite satisfied. Moreover, the contract section we launched has also greatly provided opportunities for our C-end investors and helped global investors obtained stable returns.

2) You have mentioned Eunion Trade earlier, can you give us a detailed introduction of it, please?

Stanley J. Becker: Eunion Trade is an efficient matching engine that can be connected to major exchanges. It takes advantage of the high-frequency trading speed, automated procedures are used to clear transactions through a large number of orders, and multiple orders can be placed in seconds or even in milliseconds, creating a complete and intelligent clearing profit system for global users. In order to guarantee a stable income, Eunion Trade has passed hundred millions of transactions, which has proven the stability of the trading system again and again, and has attracted the attention of many peers in the industry. Thanks to the financial transaction experience of the team and the high stability of the system, we have also won the attention of multiple funds and private equity, and have been widely recognized in the industry.

3) Eunion Trade not only attracted C-end retail investors, but also attracts the attention of international venture capital and funds. At present, what are the fund institutions that plan to invest in Eunion?

Stanley J. Becker: Yes, our team has always been paying close attention to the C-end retail market. Whether it is in investment structure, hematopoietic portfolio, etc., we must satisfy every investor. Regarding this part of international venture capital and funds, it may be necessary to keep it as a secret for the time being, because everything is still in the process of negotiation, I believe there will be a chance to share this good news with you in the future. But what can be said is that we have already obtained a US$10 million investment from a European private equity fund during the Pre-A round of financing, and we believe that our A round of financing will soon have results. I look forward to sharing good news with you in the future.

4) Thank you very much Stanley J. Becker for attending our interview. Lastly, is there anything that you would like to share with us?

Stanley J. Becker: As a clearing expert in the field of digital finance, Eunion has created a return of more than 600% for investors. This number is a rare and eye-catching achievement in the industry. In addition to clearing contracts, we have also laid out fund trading contracts. Since launching fund contracts for several months, we have obtained stable returns. Therefore, for Eunion currently has two major contracts that enriched the profits for investors and the investment portfolio is now even more stable. I hope for more attention from the market and looking forward to sharing the good news of our Series A financing soon, thank you.

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