He recently spoke about how he believes in the power of innovation, and with tech-based new services, he wishes to amplify the experiences of his customers.

No matter how much ever we talk about a few business owners and experts working rigorously across their industries and creating their own success paths, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius. These geniuses, over the years, have showcased their A-game in all that they have ever chosen to lay their hands on. What is even more spellbinding is how these individuals paved their own path to success and glory and still made it look effortless. This is something entrepreneur Ben Hennock in the growing truck washing industry did in all these years.

He started his business in 2002 with Hennock & Sons Pty Ltd and grew it into a successful mobile truck washing business. Building on this success, in 2009, he established another company, Wash It Australia, which, apart from its splendid mobile fleet washing service, also offers specialized washing services for warehouse and cold room cleaning.

Recently, it was reported that Ben Hennock is planning to expand his services under his business after successfully immersing themselves as a team into the niche and understanding how well, even in the future, they can take over the mobile fleet washing services markets across Australia.

Speaking on the same, the founder says, “I started with a vision to offer Australia a one-of-a-kind mobile truck washing venture, but looking at the consistent growth the company has attained over the years is a positive sign for building the brand further and offer the customer many more incredible services that can only better customer experiences.” Adding further, he says, “I also have in mind the idea of leveraging the power of new tech so that we can better our washing technology and improve the efficiency of washing while at reduced costs.”

Ben Hennock believes in the power of innovation, and with tech-based new services and incorporation of the same in their already existing tech, he wishes to amplify the experiences of his customers. 



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