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Traversing The Mountains On The Himalayan Enfield


By Niharika Ghoshal

The start of this month saw the unchallenged launch of the new all-terrain 411cc motorcycle, Himalayan. It is an offering to adrenaline pumped adventurers all across India. Traversing the Himalayan region aboard a Royal Enfield bike is probably a ‘must do’ in most motorcyclists’ bucket list. Perhaps, since the day the legendary Royal Enfield bullet was introduced in India back in 1955, when the company extended its operations in the country.


It’s time for the Legendary star *drumrolls*

Royal Enfield was always an Army officer’s best buddy, with those police shades and dust-laden skin they rode the Royal Enfield property way into our hearts. *Drooling* Royal Enfield, ever since its inception has been admired by the Indian roads and riders and has labelled itself as a  forever favorite bike tag in every biker. Enjoying improving success in the last few years, Royal Enfield has seen its sales figures steadily gain each year since 2010. Playing it clever, the time was ripe for the next move, the introduction of a brand-new engine platform.

Siddhartha Lal, the CEO of Royal Enfield, spoke during the launch of the new model on February 2, “This engine has been specifically designed for a dual-purpose motorcycle, focusing on friendly handling, easy maintenance, simple repairs when venturing off the grid, and low consumption”.


‘It’s time to Rock n Royal’

A task for everyone reading this, Imagine a sunny day, with lush greens aside, and a dusty terrain awaiting your ride. Which bike do you see? Bets placed, nothing else than a Royal Enfield.

A slight shift in the imagined beast: Replace the classic bullet with the all new heart-thumping ‘Himalayan’ That’s what the main aim of Royal Enfield to change a bike that you imagine taking to the highways for long journeys with the Himalayan. Royal Enfield has definitely taken a fresh new approach here and has tried to offer a hardcore tourer, something that the Indian roads do not see a lot of.


The features do matter

An all-terrain bike has certain parameters to follow:

A) A pair of Aviators is a must while riding it

B) German Helmet

C) Biking gloves, to get the perfect grip

D) And look sexy, while you ride it

Oh! I went completely off-track *Crash*. The all new mountain beast has got features that are pretty orgasmic and appealing. The Himalayan is blessed with a long stroke 410 engine, which churns out 24.5 horsepower and 32 Nm of torque.

The off-road dragon comes with a newly designed engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox, and the company claims that it can go 10,000 kilometers between oil changes. While braking, the front end is equipped with 300mm disc brakes, while the back gets 240mm disc brakes, enough for the 182 kg (kerb weight) bike.


The Himalayan is the raw instrument cluster which shows-off speed, direction, ambient temperature, travel time, service intervals and multiple trip distances. An add on: the bike will provide a mileage range of approximately 450 kilometers, thanks to the 15-liter fuel tank.

What about the money, Brother!

Royal Enfield can’t be a lootera when it comes to paying the price for the wagon you gonna ride. Himalayan is expected to cost around Rs 1.8 lakhs to Rs 2 lakh approximately. *Start saving today* if you want to hit the road this spring.

This all-terrain beauty will not have a tourer attacker, but the price range will pit it right against the Mahindra Mojo. Get geared with the biking gloves and jacket to challenge the dust-storm!


What’s the verdict?

To sum it up, apart from being too classy, Himalayan is a bikers dream come true. Not only is it blessed with irresistible macho looks, it acts as a catalyst bike and proves to be a reasonable motorcycle as well. This is probably as good as any off-road bike! All in all, Himalayan is an experience which is the blend of adrenaline and passion!

Image Sources: Google Images

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