Have you ever felt helpless, demoralized, or awful, especially in these tough times? Well, congratulations! You’re not alone. One of the major feelings of 2021 is a sensation of languishing as we manage life in the midst of a pandemic while also processing other tragic events altogether. 

However, the pandemic has also offered an opportunity to thrive — to function well and feel good, with a sense that life is important and valuable, despite difficult circumstances where everyone is struggling to achieve daily boosters of happiness. 

So, here are 3 simple ways for acknowledging the languishing while yet moving toward more thriving situations. Read more to find it out. 

1. Holding The “And” 

I’m sure you’ve been stuck in a do-or-die, all-or-nothing situation where you don’t know whether to quit at that moment since nothing is heading right in your life.

Holding the “and” is a psychological method adopted in a variety of treatments, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). DBT, at its most basic, promotes a balance between opposites. 

It’s nothing but acknowledging and accepting what you’re going through at this present time, and believing that you’ll get through this, undamaged.  This approach will allow and encourage you to be furious and thankful, angry and peaceful at the same time, and cautiously hopeful while feeling afraid.

2. Practicing Active Acceptance

It’s really uncertain to train your mind and strategize yourself with the rules of problem-solving when you’re beyond your control. 

“In human psychology, acceptance is a person’s consent to the reality of a situation, acknowledging a process or condition (typically a bad or unpleasant circumstance) without seeking to alter it, protest.”

Acceptance, to be noted, is not a passive process. It isn’t giving up. Rather, it is a reminder to ourselves that “this is how things are right now.” This is regarded by psychologists as constructive, active acceptance, as opposed to resigned acceptance.

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The key stages to accepting a circumstance are to recognize and acknowledge our thoughts and feelings about it and then to focus on what is essential as we face the difficulty.

3. Connecting And Reaching Out To Others

Connections matter. Interactions are necessary. Strong bonds with family, friends and the community bring us joy, stability, support, and a sense of purpose. Being connected to people is crucial for our mental and physical health, and it can shield us against anxiety and sadness. 

Nowadays, it’s quite common to feel lonely and have no one to meet. But, this feeling of loneliness is not inevitable. There are several activities you may engage in to broaden and improve your social networks. 

Connecting with people is the third technique that might help us grow in these trying times! In a world of physical separation, the good news is that connection prioritizes quality over quantity. The benefits of socializing stem mostly from the emotional connection you have with another individual.

If you want to be closer to people in your existing relationships, you may focus on increasing your communication and emotional connectivity, such as acquiring new skills to help you talk about important topics in life with loved ones or just creating more time for frequent conversations. 

These are the three essential methods of balance, acceptance, and connection that assist us in moving from a state of stagnation to one of flourishing. In these pandemic times, focusing on practicing these abilities may function as a psychological vaccination. 

Try them and let us know if they worked for you in the comments section below.

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Sources: The Conversation; Beyond Blue; Huff Post 

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