I love to think in the shower. In fact, some of the best ideas for articles come when your mind is free while standing under the running water.

Those minutes of random or inconsequential thoughts that hit you seem to contain the right mix of monotony and engagement.

We may fall short of the sheer brilliance of Eureka moments but let’s not stop building creative webs while putting our minds in the semi-meditative state.

P.S. I don’t insist on leaving behind urgent tasks and losing yourself as you shuffle into the bathroom groggy-eyed.

Wake up but don’t forget to accommodate the uninterrupted stream of thoughts while daydreaming!

Let’s take a look at eight such profound musings that are deeper than life’s biggest questions.

Living Every Day Like It’s Your Last?

Shower Thoughts

Get ready to confront an existential dilemma that makes you ponder over the meaning of life.

How should you live given that you are running short of time?

The Carpe Diem philosophy of living each day as it were your last sounds reckless to me. I would fail to enjoy the subtle moments of life in search for instant rewards.

And honestly, I would go frantic ruminating on the unrealistic chances of death.

What about the realities of economic risk?

Do you want to squander your monthly earnings racking up depths spiraling way out of control?

While we are at it, let’s not ignore a world of individuals where every action impacts each other directly or indirectly.

 Fat Shaming In The Gym

Shower Thoughts

Laughing at a fat person instead of respecting their decision to fix the issue sends the wrong message.

Most of us are too early to assume that if a person is fat, it’s because he is lazy, out of control and lacking willpower. Name-calling or passing comments on them being cute in their plus-sized outfits is messed up considering the level of hostility directed at them.

Can we do our bit in not being a mega d*****  b**?

Prayer Thoughts?

Shower Thoughts

If you talk to yourself, you are considered strange internalizing your ideas while speaking out loud.

But the constant trigger of not being able to break your silence to anyone about your repressed feelings and counting on the mental construct of a deity that can guide us to take the right action is socially acceptable.

Maybe you should ask God to make talking to ourselves socially acceptable?

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A Train Is A Boring Roller Coaster

Shower Thoughts

Riding a roller coaster is fun and exciting. But the train will be with you for the long haul.

While you are “coasting” through most of your journeys, a train can become a self-powered roller coaster only after being dropped off a hill.

Boring doesn’t sound like a safe bet now?

Remembering The Dead

Shower Thoughts

Thanks to the practice of creating durable images and processing them, you can see the smile of loved ones even if they have gone.

Before photography, you had to be super rich to afford artists’ interpretations of portraits that didn’t come even remotely close to a photograph.

Sugar Soup

Shower Thoughts

Does Cereal even qualify as soup?

A soup is a liquid dish usually salty and savory that is prepared by boiling vegetables, fish or meat in stock or water. Using milk in place of stock, cereal is nothing more than pieces of grain floating in milk

Next thing you know, it can also be a salad where milk is the dressing or multiple sandwiches where cereal pieces are bread with milk in between.

Cereal with milk is definitely not a soup.

First of all, you don’t put sugar in the soup.

And let’s leave it to the judge’s ruling of a crime, ”I will know when I see it.”

Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

Source: Showerthoughts-Reddit, LifehackerWIRED

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