The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad is known to offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in various languages (as the name suggests). Some highly popular courses are English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and German.

In addition to these full-time degree courses, the university also offers certificate and diploma programmes in a variety of languages that take between 6 months to a year to complete. In addition to the subjects mentioned above, languages like Arabic and Korean are also offered.

The reasons for signing up for various courses may vary- an interest in the language, a desire to visit the countries that speak the language, and even an interest in the culture and people of the countries that speak those languages are common reasons students give for taking up these courses.

Interestingly, most of the students in the Korean language courses are K-Pop fans!

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They greet each other using simple Korean phrases, upload WhatsApp statuses in the Korean language, and even write captions in Korean for their photos. They claim that learning the languages helps them to better understand the K Pop songs they listen to and K dramas they watch.

Korean singer Jimin is a crowd favourite with most of the Korean language students, who hail from various parts of India ranging from Delhi to Kerala. BTS is a favourite band, and these students from varying backgrounds come together to form a formidable ARMY!

It’s interesting to note that while an Indian language like Hindi is not common to all these students, they band together to meticulously learn to read, write and speak a far-Eastern language due to their intense love for the country’s bands and actors.

They also emulate the mannerisms and gestures used by Korean stars, and carry K pop merchandise to class.

Well, despite Hyderabad being a long way away from Seoul, it has a dedicated fan base that leaves no stone unturned in their quest to get closer to their idols!

Edit: Check out these awesome photos of EFLU Hyderabad students flaunting their BTS merchandise and showing some Jimin Love!

Amulya @Jin_Amulya on Twitter

Amulya says: Being a BTS ARMY taught me many things which I would not have learned otherwise. They taught me how to recognize, love and respect my ‘SELF’ by finding happiness in every little aspects of my life. Learning Korean was purely out of the love for the 7 boys and my strong desire to meet them. And now it has opened the door to a new culture which I adore and admire. EFLU is giving me a great opportunity to achieve my dreams.

Aparna @ddaeng_me on Twitter

Aparna says: The more I listened to BTS, the more I realized that the English translation was not doing their lyrics justice. Luckily, my university offered Korean courses and now this language is something close to my heart. For me, BTS is an endless source of inspiration with their relentless hardwork and passion. Anytime I feel like the course load is too much, all I need is to think of the amount of work they put in and that gets me back on my feet at once!

Greeshma @taemylife05 on Twitter
Greeshma’s enviable collection of merchandise on her Insta account!

Greeshma says: I was interested in Korean through the lyrics of BTS. First I started singing in Korean and later on I found those words very interesting and then I started looking up on their meanings which influenced me a lot and I started to teach myself Korean and later on through EFLU I got a very big opportunity to learn Korean with the guidance of Prof. Salna Sunny.


Minu says: I love BTS because they helped me a lot through times of struggle. They inspire many people with their thoughtful lyrics and amazing music. Their genre too, varies from hip hop to pop and moombathon trap and lots more. Their voice and participation to encourage youngsters to love themselves has a huge positive impact on the young generation that follow their music. Their music videos make us think about myth, history, psychology, youth and happiness etc…

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Sources: EFLU Hyderabad students

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