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BTS WORLD Is Out, Here Is The First Look Of The Game: We LivED It


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The day has finally arrived when the BTS ARMY can download the much-awaited game, ‘BTS WORLD’. The game was first announced in April 2018 and after waiting for almost one-year fans will be able to play and fulfil the role of BTS’s manager.

26th June 2019 is sure to be one of the most memorable days in every ARMY’s life. Unlike the previous released NETMARBLE game SUPERSTAR BTS, this game is released in 176 countries, making it available for every fan around the world.

Prior to the launch of the game, 3 songs from OST were released on Spotify and Soundcloud namely; ‘Dream Glow’ by Jungkook, Jin, Jimin and Charlie XCX, ‘A Brand New Day’ by V, J-Hope and Zara Larsson, and ‘All Night’ RM, Suga and Juice Wrld.

The game is a virtual reality game where the player goes back to 2012, as a BigHit employee. They are appointed to be BTS’s manager and help them debut.

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Without further let’s jump into how to play the game and explore its interface, features and rules.


The game is 93MB and requires additional 544MB for all the data, so, you need to free up some space. The game was delayed but nonetheless, it was available soon to set up an account.

The first thing to do is to download the app from the play store. Once it is downloaded, the app will open and ask you to download the additional data.

Soon the game begins from the player’s point of view and an interface of a phone appears which displays a message. You are an ARMY who receives a contest link to BTS concert and immediately win the competition. Next, you have to enter a name.

The story unfolds itself after this point on its own. You are going to see the concert and on your way,  you see BTS poster fading away, dazed, you get into an accident and miss the concert.

Backstage, you meet RM and you figure out that you have an id card for BigHit employee and some contract papers with you. The story ends here and you move on to the next stage.

The first level is complete and your home page appears where you have all your game stats.

In the first mission, Namjun is the only member who guides you through the process and explains the necessary steps. There is nothing more fun than following his orders and get his autograph which automatically finishes your first target.

The game will reach different levels of the task as you progress and on your way, you have to collect ‘wings’, which recharge every 6 minutes.

Fans are all excited and curious to see what kind of texts and calls they will receive. Go on and play the game for yourself and let us know in the comments about your experience.

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