Effervescence is the annual cultural fest of Indian Institute Of Information Technology Allahabad. 

Being one of the most exalted cultural fests of North India, Effervescence has always ebulliently embraced the phenomenal cultural talent nationally as well as internationally. 

Effervescence is the culmination of intense preparations and efforts at different stages of planning and implementation. The various formal events, the proshows and other fun-based activities make up the core of Effervescence Culture.

The fest running from 16th -19th October 2019 is of four days, wherein the days are numbered as 0,1, 2 and 3. Participants from more than 20 colleges from all over the country are set to compete during the fest. 

The opening day or ‘Day 0’ is set to take place on 16 October. It involves an opening ceremony featuring Lavanya, an MHRD-sponsored cultural show aiming together different cultures on one stage.

The first day or ‘Day 1’ features the likes of Kavyom, Incendiary, Footloose, EDM and many others.

EDM is a top-notch show, intended to make the audience fall in awe of the thrill of an entertaining music show. EDM brings in Ritviz, a live performer in the domain of musical performances.

Kavyom features Sunil Jogi and Shlesh Gautam, two brilliant poets ready to enchant the audience.

Incendiary is the battle of bands; bands from all over the country. Footloose is the premier Dancing Event which features lively performances by the Dancing artists.

The second day, ‘Day 2’, comprises Comedy Night, Alamode, Innovation, Psychedelia, and others. The Comedy show, featuring Anubhav Singh Bassi, is all about humour and Laughter packed into one. It’s one of the flagship events. 

Alamode is the fashion show bonanza featuring scintillating moves. 

Band Night is another flagship event, featuring ‘When Chai Met Toast’, an Indian Band bringing North and South together. 

Innovation is a mix of acting and presentation, hailing the true essence of a Stage Play. 

The final day, ‘Day 3’, has  Celeb Night, Open Mic and other events in store. Celeb Night is the most important of the flagship events, an event that defines the overall Effervescence Culture. Celeb Night will feature Neeti Mohan, who is ready to captivate everyone with her melodious voice. 

Open Mic is a literary event that includes poetic elements and expression of those elements. 

The informal events are less said about, but they form an important part of the overall lineup. To name a few, the event has Treasure Hunt, Gully Cricket, BluffMaster, Animania, and many others. 

The events are all that make this fest a grand celebration of Culture. At Effervescence, Competence and Expression are of prime importance, and every year the IIIT-A team intend to bring out every essence of their culture. Effervescence believes that sheer efforts are necessary, and hard work is the key to success. 

So come be a part of the celebration and relive the Reminiscence.

For More Info, visit https://effe.org.in/ 

OR https://www.facebook.com/effervescence.iiita/

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