ED Review: Pipeline Café In Satya Niketan

As a college student myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of relying on a café which does not burn a hole in your pocket (Yes I’m talking about you, *insert expensive café here*). And yet, you would not want to compromise on the quality of the food.

Pipeline in Satya Niketan is one of my favourites in these aspects. Open from 11 in the day to 11 in the night, it serves delicious food at reasonable prices and one of the cheapest Sheeshas (at Rs 300) you’ll find in Delhi. It has a direct view of Sri Venkateshwara college (South campus waalo ka Taj Mahal! …. acha thoda zada hogaya).

With all this going for it, Pipeline certainly has the potential to be your next go-to place.



Located right opposite Venkateshwara college, one of the best features of Pipeline is its ambience. The place has been decorated to feel like home and probably is home to a few people whom I’ve regularly seen sitting at the same EXACT place. The roof is lighted with bulbs on pipelines, hence the name, which just adds to the aura.

The service is excellent with waiters quick to take orders and always ready to provide assistance. The music is also great, their playlist consists mostly of latest songs as well as chart toppers.



I’ve been to this place a bunch of times, so it’s only fitting for me to speak collectively and judge the highlights as well as the low points. We’ve ordered Prawns, Fish Fingers, Burgers, Pastas, pizzas, Nachos, Shakes, Desserts and Sheeshas. Even the dishes which do not taste as good as the others look aesthetic.




So, I’m a huge prawn lover, but I prefer the kind of grilled prawn that they serve at barbecue nation. Recommended by a friend, I ordered the Butter prawns (ask for them, don’t fret trying to look for them in the menu because, for some reason, they’re absent) here and was pretty skeptical about how they’d turn out. Served with mashed potatoes, it had a sour, buttery taste which was mind-blowing. They were better than the prawns I had at Threesixtyone degrees, The Oberoi. That just screams amazing.

The Panko Crumbed Fish fingers had the perfect amount of spices. Served with a nice dip, it was totally filling.

The Chicken Arrabiata Pasta had a certain zest to it and was absolutely scrumptious to look at. The Baked nachos were decent enough with good quantity. The Kit Kat and Strawberry shakes were nectarous. You’ll be tempted to taste them repeatedly.

The Banoffee Pie we ordered was divine. A hint of coffee along with a nice and crumbly biscuit base, it’s a must have for all the dessert lovers. Though, if you prefer chocolate, try their death by chocolate.

The Sheesha we ordered lasted quite a while with the waiters changing the coal without even being requested to do so.

While it has many positives, Pipeline has its share of negatives as well. The Grilled Chicken Burger was just not up to the mark,  its taste left much to be desired.

Also, the Italian Smooch they serve was horrendous. Barely fit to be called a drink.



Cool music, great atmosphere, decoration, prawns, desserts, shakes, value for money and definitely the big clock.



The Grilled Chicken Burger and the Italian Smooch. Keep your distance.

How to reach: Take an auto-rickshaw from either Race course or AIIMS metro station.

I can only give my opinion, go taste the food and judge for yourselves.

P.S : If I missed out on anything or you’d like to add something, feel free to comment.

Pipeline gets a healthy 3.8 stars from me


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