Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Roorkee is organizing its annual flagship event- E-Summit 2020 on 1-2 February. It is a networking hub for corporates, professionals, students and budding entrepreneurs from all across the nation.

Th event aspires to provide entrepreneurs with the best possible experience, opportunities and an avenue to enrich themselves with knowledge about the entrepreneurial world.

With the theme, “Disruption Dilemma” the aim is to create an impact and keep on innovating. In a startup journey, there are three major stages: 0, 1 and n.

At 0, you are just beginning and your idea is all you have. At 1, you have your startup established. At n, your startup is expanding and scaling-up. This event wants to disrupt the usual flow of the way things work. In the journey from 1 to n, every startup while scaling-up faces a lot of disruptions.

With these constant disruptions, it becomes difficult to keep on innovating. This year, E-Summit 2020 explores the ways to deal with these Dilemmas of Disruption.

E-Summit witnesses the presence of the top-notch personalities from the industrial, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors and engages over 10,000+ students, 100+ startups and 20+ Venture Capitalists from across regions in Asia. 

The major attractions in E-Summit 2020 edition include: 

  • Leadership Series (1st and 2nd Feb 2020) 

Leadership series is a live speaker series, it is a great platform for entrepreneurship enthusiasts to learn from the best in the industry. 

  • Conclaves/ panel discussions (Product Management, Deep Tech, Disruption Dilemma) (1st and 2nd Feb 2020) 

This year there would be 3 conclaves: 

  • Product Management Conclave: targeting Product Management enthusiasts and the role of PM in product-based startups. The event will consist of speakers who will deliver guest lectures and will also have a panel discussion 
  • Deep tech conclave: It will be an event consisting of speakers and panels discussing various Deep Technology like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, 
  • Disruption Dilemma Conclave: A Panel discussion on the theme – Disruption Dilemma, Blockchain, robotics, Advance material or quantum computing and how these fields are disrupting the industry and startup world. 
  • IdeaStorm – B-Plan Competition (Prizes worth Rs. 2.5L): (Online registration are live. Event date: 1st Feb) 

It is an annual b-plan competition. If you have an idea that can change the future of business then this is the right platform to showcase your talent. 

  • Software Productathon (Prizes worth Rs. 2L) (Online registrations are live. Event dates: 1st and 2nd Feb) 

It is an offline competition in which Coders, Developers, Designers, Innovators, and Creators meet, develop and compete in a product prototyping competition in an intense 36 hours coding. 

  • Hardware Productathon (Prizes worth Rs. 1.5L) (Online registrations are live. Event dates: 1st and 2nd Feb) 

It is an offline competition to compete in hardware product prototyping in an intense 36 hours time span. 

  • Case Challenge (Prizes worth Rs. 1L): 

Case study competitions, participants strive to develop the best solution to a real business case study within an allocated time frame. 

  • Investor’s Vista (Prizes worth Rs 1.5L): (Online registrations are live. Event dates: 1st and 2nd Feb) 

A competition to give you an investor’s perspective. You would be provided with a deck of startups and asked which startup would you invest in based on the proper explanation. 

  • E-Conference for E-Cell members (1st and 2nd Feb) 

It is a zero-hour round table conference with an aim to create a strong network of E-Cells across India. 

  • Designers Meetup by Dribbble (1st and 2nd Feb) 

Dribbble Meetups are a chance for designers to socialize, talk shop, and foster their local design communities. 

  • Startup Expo (Funding opportunity of 10 Million USD) (1st Feb) 

Startup Expo 2.0 is a marketing event for startups under the banner of E-summit’20. This event is an ideal opportunity for startups and partners wanting to market their product and/or grabbing the attention of potential investors or strategic partners. 

  • Data Enthusiasts Meetup by Kaggle (1st and 2nd Feb) 

This is a chance for data science enthusiasts to socialize and foster their local design communities, by Kaggle. 

  • Online Events (Notified on the facebook page E-Cell IIT Roorkee) 

E-Summit 2020 will host different genres of online events like; Online Quiz(E-Quiz), Online Case study, Online Design Competition, Online Tech challenge. 

Campus Ambassador 

The CAP (Campus Ambassador Programme) is a pinion initiative of E-Summit IIT Roorkee, 2018 organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Roorkee and aims to amplify our purview to newer horizons.

This year E-Summit IIT Roorkee brings with it loads and loads of colossal opportunities for the participating students and exciting perks for the Campus Ambassadors.

The students selected as the Campus Ambassadors would bear the flag of E-Summit IIT Roorkee in their respective colleges with the aim of helping us to promote E-Summit among the students of their colleges. The selected Campus Ambassador, in his entire tenure, would be actively interacting with E-Cell IIT Roorkee about the available opportunities and requisites for promotions. 

For registration: https://esummit.in/campus-ambassador 

City Director: 

25 People with glittering proles in leadership and entrepreneurship will be selected from all over India to represent E-Summit IIT Roorkee 2019 in their respective cities.

People with an urge to disrupt the society and exceptional performance in their domains would be chosen to further expand their network in collaboration with the E-Summit organizing team.

These would be the influential personalities in their social community and a face that would help us reach out to our targeted audience. 

ED was proud to be their blog partner.

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