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Was Durjoy’s Twitter Proposal Creepy or Cool?


By Arpita Mahapatra

We’re all individuals with our own unique opinions. Our perspective towards the same things could be glaringly different and it isn’t necessary that only one group of persons is right. Having said that, I feel this online proposal by author Durjoy Datta was a tad bit over the top.

Here is why:

  1. PDA:

I’m not saying it’s morally wrong (eesh!) but it feels like the kind of thing you would do because you think proposing to someone can only be phenomenal if it is also sensational. But it not only makes it awkward for nearly everyone involved, it also kind of ruins the chances of the proposal being a lot more…appealing. *Coughs*

 Boy- Oh, man. Why are all the GUYS looking at my *The Love of My Life* sign? Maybe I should hold it differently?

 Girl- Oh, my God! Everyone’s going to stare at me when they realize I’m approaching the crazy person with the sign. Oh, I meant person with the crazy sign!! *Yikes*

 Random Human at the Airport- What is the protocol for this situation- to look or not to look? THAT is the question!


  1. Lazy:

So basically ALL you had to do was type 140 characters a few times that day? And of course numerous people had to reply to it or she wouldn’t have agreed to marry you. No, really, let me get this straight- was there a target Tweet number you needed so that she would say yes?


  1. Pushy:

She’s on a flight that’s going to land in another two hours. Let’s bully her into saying yes to my proposal? #marrymeavantika

BULLY her? Really? That’s the word that popped into your head? Sure, I won’t take it literally but aren’t you- of all people- a writer, supposed to choose your words carefully?

I’m sure the two of them are happily in love but just for a moment, imagine the horror of a girl who is planning to break off the engagement after landing and whoa. Thousands of people are just waiting to judge her for turning down SUCH a *sniffs* romantic  guy.


  1. Unimaginative:

You. Are. A. Writer. As elaborate a gesture as this may be, you must realize that merely using alphabets does not make something ‘literary’. They’re saying you’ve set a new standard for guys who want to win girls’ hearts. So, in a nutshell, a guy has to get published, get famous and acquire a gigantic following on Twitter.

I’d better call all my guy friends and let them know about this DIY project, pronto. Yay!

 *I’m just saying* it would have helped had you come up with something more creative that people could have taken inspiration from and actually done. Yeah, sure, everyone wants to stand out and do the unimaginable. But the difference lies between whether you want to be talked about or imitated. Haven’t you read Oscar Wilde? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


  1. Weird:

That awkward moment when countless guys Tweeted #marrymeavantika.

All said and done, I appreciate the fact that Durjoy *finally* decided to propose to the love of his life. I mean, it could have been worse. He could have proposed after the wedding. So here’s wishing them a happy married life and much nicer book titles.

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